Horsepower To BTU/Min: Convert HP To BTU Per Minute (Calc + Chart)

Horsepower to BTU per minute is quite a rare conversion since we mostly use BTU per hour in HVAC. Not to worry, though; we will show you exactly how to convert HP to BTU per minute for air conditioners, furnaces, and so on. Further on, you will also find an easy-to-use HP To BTU/min Calculator (just insert HP, get BTU/min), complete with a 0.1 HP to 20 HP conversion chart (into 15 to 3,000 BTU/min).

Let’s first look at both of these units:

  • HP or HorsePower is a unit for cooling or heating output in HVAC (for AC units, furnaces). This is quite a specific unit, designed for HVAC appliances. Namely, 1 HP is equal to 9,000 BTU per hour.
  • BTU/min or British Thermal Unit per minute is also used as a unit of cooling/heating output. 1 BTU per minute is the amount of energy flow we have to introduce into the system (or remove from the system) to heat/cool 1 pound of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit in 1 minute. It is of note that BTU/min is a much bigger unit than BTU/hr, since this energy flow has to be done within a minute (instead of within an hour).
two 3 hp mitsubishi mini split air conditioner with btu per minute output
These are 2 Mitsubishi 3 HP mini splits. They each provide 450 BTU per minute (since they are 3 HP units) of cooling output.

Here is 1 conversion rule that makes the HP to BTU per minute conversion very easy:

1 HP = 150 BTU/min

Based on this rule, we can write the conversion formula like this:

BTU/min = HP × 150

Here is a quick example: Let’s say you have a 2 HP air conditioner. How many BTUs per minute is this 2 HP AC unit? We just insert 2 HP into the equation like this:

BTU/min (2 HP) = 2 HP × 150 = 300 BTU/min

We see that 2 HP is equal to 300 BTU/min.

This was just one example. To help you out with this rare conversion, we have prepared a Horsepower To BTU/min Calculator you can freely use. We have also converted 0.1 HP to 20 HP into BTU/min and summarized the results in the conversion chart below this calculator:

Horsepower To BTU/min Calculator

Alright, here is how this calculator works:

Let’s say you want to know how many BTUs per minute is a 1.5 HP air conditioner. You just slide the slider to ‘1.5’, and you get the result: 1.5 HP is equal to 225 BTU/min.

Here is the full conversion chart:

HP To BTU/min Chart

Horsepower To BTU/hr Conversion Chart

Horsepower (HP in HVAC): BTU/min:
0.1 HP 15 BTU/min
0.5 HP 75 BTU/min
1 HP 150 BTU/min
1.5 HP 225 BTU/min
2 HP 300 BTU/min
2.5 HP 375 BTU/min
3 HP 450 BTU/min
3.5 HP 525 BTU/min
4 HP 600 BTU/min
4.5 HP 675 BTU/min
5 HP 750 BTU/min
5.5 HP 825 BTU/min
6 HP 900 BTU/min
6.5 HP 975 BTU/min
7 HP 1,050 BTU/min
7.5 HP 1,125 BTU/min
8 HP 1,200 BTU/min
8.5 HP 1,275 BTU/min
9 HP 1,350 BTU/min
9.5 HP 1,425 BTU/min
10 HP 1,500 BTU/min
12 HP 1,800 BTU/min
14 HP 2,100 BTU/min
15 HP 2,250 BTU/min
16 HP 2,400 BTU/min
20 HP 3,000 BTU/min

Now, whenever you need to convert HP to BTUs per minute, you can just check this chart.

Example: How many BTUs per minute is a 3 HP air conditioner? Simple. Just check the chart: 1.5 HP is equal to 450 BTU/min.

Hopefully, you can use the tools to make the conversion. If you need any help or would like for us to convert HP to BTU/min for you, you can use the comment section below, give us some numbers, and we will help you out. You can also check a similar Horsepower To BTU per hour calculator and chart here.

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