By Kevin Shane / August 15, 2017

Helping Design Products Built Around Success

At Learnmetrics, we work closely with our clients to provide the exact product they need.

Some schools use our product solely for testing, some use it as a way to easily report data to their board, and others – attendance and behavior data tracking.  Whatever the use, we’re committed to meeting our clients’ needs – we tailor everything and anything needed.

“Rather than designing a product based around ‘features’, we work with schools to design a product built around ‘success’…” Rickie Yudin, Director of Academic Success

For instance, we’ve been working closely with a small charter school that serves a good deal of underprivileged students. They came to us with the intention of using our platform for a few traditional tasks such as attendance and behavior tracking. As our relationship evolved, however, they realized our product can be used for a whole lot more.

The examples below highlight ways we are flexible in meeting client needs:

Meal [Participation] Tracking

We’re currently building a system to track student meal participation. It works like this:

Step 1: Students who are on the free or reduced lunch system are noted in our system.

Step 2: Teachers access the platform and note which students ate lunch at school that day. This allows the school to track how many lunches are provided to students at full price, reduced price, or for free. All of these things are tracked alongside attendance, so students who are absent won’t accidentally be counted as receiving a meal that day.

This build-out can, amongst other things, help a school identify new ways to support students as meal data is triangulated with other data sets already integrated into the system.

EdProduct Integration

The particular school mentioned above also came to realize the importance of interoperability, or “product/technology integration”. In today’s EdTech universe, there are thousands of products available to learning institutions and in order to provide what our clients need, we provide the ability to integrate with them all. Never an app left out – never data left behind.

Using this data, we collaboratively build dashboards, recipes, and visualizations that provide customers with actionable insights to help improve their institutions.

We’re proud to say that we’ve designed and built hundreds of custom tailored solutions for educational institutions around the nation. The important thing is that we’re flexible and can be certain we get exactly what our clients need to be sure their schools THRIVE!

We would absolutely LOVE to hear your thoughts about this topic and help answer any burning questions you may have about some of the ways we help. We hope you reach out!

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