Goodman AC Age: How To Tell How Old Goodman AC Is? (Serial Number)

Deciphering Goodman AC age is dead simple. If you want to tell how old your Goodman air conditioner is you just need to look at the serial number. Essentially, Goodman AC age is determined by the serial number.

Let’s say that you are thinking to replace your Goodman AC (this makes sense if the unit is at least 15 years old). Or, alternatively, you want to check if it is still covered by warranty. Example: Most parts of Goodman air conditioner units have a 5-year warranty. Goodman condensers can have up to a 7-year warranty.

For both of these purposes, you will need to tell how old Goodman AC you have.

The age of every Goodman AC unit is written in the serial number. You will find this serial number on the unit label (Goodman data plate). To figure out if your unit is 5 years, 10 years, 20 years old, and so on, you only need to know two things:

  1. Serial number. Goodman uses only 1 format of serial numerical numbers which simplifies determining the age of the unit (for comparison, Carrier uses 5 different styles of serial numbers with different Carrier HVAC age formats).
  2. How to decipher serial number. We will look into where on the serial number Goodman includes the ‘Date Of Manufacturing’. Based on that date, you can calculate what age your Goodman air conditioner is quite easily.

Let’s look at what a Goodman serial number looks like and how to use it to tell the age of Goodman AC units:

Goodman AC Age By Serial Number

Goodman AC serial number is comprised of 10 digits. For telling when the Goodman air conditioner was made, we will only need the first 4 digits. The other 6 digits are just a sequence that is not relevant here.

Here is what a standard Goodman AC serial number looks like:


The first 2 digits in the serial number will tell us in what year this Goodman AC was manufactured. In this case, we have ’99’; that means this Goodman AC was made in 1999.

The 3rd and 4th digits will tell you the month as well. In our case, we have ’06’; this means that the Goodman AC was made in the 6th month (June) of 1999.

In short, this Goodman air conditioning unit was manufactured in June 1999 and is now more than 20 years old.

To illustrate how to read the Goodman AC age by serial number, here are some additional examples:

  • 0301020000: This unit was manufactured in January 2003, putting the age of Goodman AC at about 20 years now.
  • 0612030100: This unit was manufactured in June 2006, putting the age of Goodman AC at more than 15 years now.
  • 8904000200: This unit was manufactured in April 1989, putting the age of Goodman AC at above 30 years now.

We hope this illustrates well how you can use a Goodman AC serial number to figure out Goodman AC age. As always, if you need any help deciphering how old your Goodman unit is, you can use the comments below and we will try to help your out.

4 thoughts on “Goodman AC Age: How To Tell How Old Goodman AC Is? (Serial Number)”

  1. My serial number of my Goodman is 1419197698
    My model number is ARUF42C-14AD
    The furnace coils need replaced. How long would it take to have them shipped to my ac mechanic?

    • Hi Carolyn, based on the serial number and model number, you can figure out the age of the unit. For that shipping thing, you should call your AC mechanic, he or she will tell how to proceed.


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