Fahrenheit To Rankine Calculator: Convert °F To °R (+ Conversion Chart)

Degrees of Rankine is such a weird temperature unit. Nonetheless, sometimes you will need to convert Fahrenheit to Rankine degrees (°F to °R). Just to simplify all this, we have prepared a Fahrenheit to Rankine conversion calculator. On top of that, we also converted -100°F to 1000°F into Rankine (°R), and summarized all the results in a neat chart below the calculator.

Here is the °F to °R calculator you can freely use:


It’s dead simple to use this converted. Say you want to convert 100 degrees Fahrenheit to degrees Rankine. Just insert ‘100’ in the input field, hit ‘Calculate’, and you will get this result (screenshot):

converting 100f to rankine

We can see immediately that 100°F is equal to 559.67°R. If you need this conversion in reverse – °R to °F – you can check a similar Rankine to Fahrenheit calculator (°R to °F) here.

Now, this is just one example. Let’s have a look at how the Fahrenheit to Rankine conversion works:

How To Convert Fahrenheit To Rankine (F To R Formula)

When it comes to temperature units, degrees Rankine (°R) are to degrees Fahrenheit (°F) the same as Kelvins (K) are to degrees Celsius (°C). Namely, Rankine and Kelvins start at absolute zero (0°R and 0K). We can calculate degrees Fahrenheit and degrees Celsius from these absolute zero units.

In the case of °F to °R, we use this Fahrenheit to Rankine formula:

Degrees Rankine (°R) = Degrees Fahrenheit (°F) +  

In order to convert degrees Fahrenheit to Rankine, we have to add 459.67 to degrees Fahrenheit. This also means that 0°F is equivalent to 459.67°R.

Let’s solve a quick example just to illustrate how easy it is to make this conversion:

How many Rankine is 68 degrees Fahrenheit?

Simple. Just insert 68°F into the equation like this (with result):

Degrees Rankine (°R) = 68°F + 459.67 = 527.67°R

We can see that 68F is equal to 527.67 degrees Rankine.

It’s a quick calculation, but just to simplify it further, we have prepared the following °F to °R conversion chart:

Fahrenheit To Rankine Conversion Chart

Degrees Fahrenheit (°F): Degrees Rankine (°R):
-100°F 359.67°R
-95°F 364.67°R
-90°F 369.67°R
-85°F 374.67°R
-80°F 379.67°R
-75°F 384.67°R
-70°F 389.67°R
-65°F 394.67°R
-60°F 399.67°R
-55°F 404.67°R
-50°F 409.67°R
-45°F 414.67°R
-40°F 419.67°R
-35°F 424.67°R
-30°F 429.67°R
-25°F 434.67°R
-20°F 439.67°R
-15°F 444.67°R
-10°F 449.67°R
-5°F 454.67°R
0°F 459.67°R
5°F 464.67°R
10°F 469.67°R
15°F 474.67°R
20°F 479.67°R
25°F 484.67°R
30°F 489.67°R
35°F 494.67°R
40°F 499.67°R
45°F 504.67°R
50°F 509.67°R
55°F 514.67°R
60°F 519.67°R
65°F 524.67°R
70°F 529.67°R
75°F 534.67°R
80°F 539.67°R
85°F 544.67°R
90°F 549.67°R
95°F 554.67°R
100°F 559.67°R
105°F 564.67°R
110°F 569.67°R
115°F 574.67°R
120°F 579.67°R
125°F 584.67°R
130°F 589.67°R
135°F 594.67°R
140°F 599.67°R
145°F 604.67°R
150°F 609.67°R
155°F 614.67°R
160°F 619.67°R
165°F 624.67°R
170°F 629.67°R
175°F 634.67°R
180°F 639.67°R
185°F 644.67°R
190°F 649.67°R
195°F 654.67°R
200°F 659.67°R
210°F 669.67°R
220°F 679.67°R
230°F 689.67°R
240°F 699.67°R
250°F 709.67°R
260°F 719.67°R
270°F 729.67°R
280°F 739.67°R
290°F 749.67°R
300°F 759.67°R
310°F 769.67°R
320°F 779.67°R
330°F 789.67°R
340°F 799.67°R
350°F 809.67°R
360°F 819.67°R
370°F 829.67°R
380°F 839.67°R
390°F 849.67°R
400°F 859.67°R
410°F 869.67°R
420°F 879.67°R
430°F 889.67°R
440°F 899.67°R
450°F 909.67°R
460°F 919.67°R
470°F 929.67°R
480°F 939.67°R
490°F 949.67°R
500°F 959.67°R
550°F 1009.67°R
600°F 1059.67°R
650°F 1109.67°R
700°F 1159.67°R
750°F 1209.67°R
800°F 1259.67°R
850°F 1309.67°R
900°F 1359.67°R
950°F 1409.67°R
1000°F 1459.67°R

You can just check this table, look at the °F to °R conversion you are looking for, and just use it off the chart.

You can check out a similar calculator for Celsius to Fahrenheit (°C to °F) conversion here.

We hope this illustrates well how to convert degrees Fahrenheit to degrees Rankine. If you need any help with the conversion, you can always use the comment section below, give us a few numbers, and we can do some math for you.

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