By Rickie Yudin / October 10, 2017

#EdData: What Are the Possibilities?

What are the possibilities? Since data aggregation has proven to be difficult in siloed education software systems and the technology necessary to do so is lagging, many educators are not sure what exactly can be extracted or derived from their data because they haven’t seen or experienced it.


Trends have shown, educators have likely spent most of their time collecting, entering, and formatting data – so when it comes time to really “use” data, time and resources are understandably lacking. We also know, once given the opportunity to have aggregated and visualized data, many begin pondering the question: “How do I figure out where to start? and “When I have a blank canvass, do I need to paint the whole thing at once or can I add as I go?”


It’s OK if you don’t know right away: the point is initial aggregations get the ball rolling, but this is just the beginning. When the possibilities and directions to travel in are wide open, your needs will soon begin to direct you where to go with your data. The goal is to discover as you move along, with education data as your guide.


We often find, when we begin data aggregation, analysis and visualizations for schools, a world of possibilities are opened that might become overwhelming. Starting small and iterating has proven very effective in many scenarios because you let goal setting and related data inform your pathway. You want the data to prompt and allow you to ask better questions of your data. It’s like doing research:


  1. Set a goal
  2. Begin collecting and aggregating data and;
  3. Assess what you are seeing.


What questions do you have about the findings? This is where properly aggregated and visualized data opens a multitude of doors for educators.


It is important to find an effective way to do this. It might sound simple, but as any educator knows, there are frustrations and roadblocks at every turn in the education data aggregation process.


At Learnmetrics we recognize the need for a quality technology product that can grow with you on this journey as well as one that effectively addresses the customized needs of schools. Getting started with data is an important first step and time shouldn’t be an obstacle to that Remember, you don’t have to know everything you want to achieve from the start.

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