Convert PSIA To PSIG: Calculator + Chart (Incredibly Simple)

In HVAC, we are mostly dealing with PSIG pressure (gauge). That’s why we often need to convert PSIA to PSIG. Both are pressure units in the avoirdupois system; we will look at how they are different and how simple it is to convert PSIA to PSIG. To help you out, we have included a simple-to-use PSIA to PSIG calculator (insert PSIA, get PSIG) and a conversion chart spanning from 14.7 PSIA to 1000 PSIA.

Here is the difference between PSIA vs PSIG:

  • PSIA or Pound per Square Inch Absolute is a unit that measures pressure relative to vacuum (absolute pressure). At sea level, the PSIA is equal to 14.7 pounds per square inch. Compared to PSIG, PSIA does not account for atmospheric pressure; it is an absolute unit.
  • PSIG or Pound per Square Inch Gauge is a unit that measures pressure relative to atmospheric pressure; thus it is a relative unit (depended on atmospheric pressure). At sea level, the PSIG is equal to exactly 0.0 pounds per square inch.

How to convert PSIA to PSIG?

This is a very simple conversion if we are converting PSI absolute to PSI gauge at sea level. Namely, the PSIA to PSIG equation at sea level looks like this:

PSIG = PSIA – 1 atm = PSIA – 14.7 PSI

As you can see, to calculate PSIG from PSIA, we need to subtract atmospheric pressure from PSIA. At sea levels, this atmospheric pressure is equal to 14.7 PSI. Note: At higher altitudes, the atmospheric pressure is a bit lower.

Example: Let’s say that we have an absolute pressure of 80 PSI (that means that PSIA is 80 pounds per square inch). What will our gauge read (what will the PSIG be)? Here is how we can calculate this using PSIG to PSIA formula at sea level:

80 PSIA – 14.7 PSI = 65.3 PSIG

As we can see, at sea level, 80 PSIA is equal to 65.3 PSIG.

Note about wrong conversion: 1 PSIA is equal to -13.7 PSIG. It is wrong to conclude that 2 PSIA is equal to -27.4 PSIG; this is not how the PSIA to PSIG conversion works. In actuality, 2 PSIA is equivalent to -12.7 PSIG.

To help you out with this conversion, you can freely use the following PSIA to PSIG calculator that automatically converts pounds per square inch absolute to pounds per square inch gauge at sea level (14.7 PSI difference). Below the calculator, you will also find a handy conversion chart:

PSIA To PSIG Calculator


Here is how you can use this conversion calculator to determine PSIG based on PSIA input:

Let’s say that you want to convert 100 PSIA to PSIG. You just insert ‘100’ in the calculator above and you will get the result: 100 PSIA is equal to 85.3 PSIG.

Here is the full PSIA to PSIG conversion chart:

PSIA To PSIG Conversion Table

PSIA (Absolute Pressure): PSIG (Gauge Pressure):
0 PSIA -14.7 PSIG
1 PSIA -13.7 PSIG
2 PSIA -12.7 PSIG
3 PSIA -11.7 PSIG
4 PSIA -10.7 PSIG
5 PSIA -9.7 PSIG
6 PSIA -8.7 PSIG
7 PSIA -7.7 PSIG
8 PSIA -6.7 PSIG
9 PSIA -5.7 PSIG
10 PSIA -4.7 PSIG
14.7 PSIA 0.0 PSIG
15 PSIA 0.3 PSIG
20 PSIA 5.3 PSIG
25 PSIA 10.3 PSIG
30 PSIA 15.3 PSIG
35 PSIA 20.3 PSIG
40 PSIA 25.3 PSIG
45 PSIA 30.3 PSIG
50 PSIA 35.3 PSIG
60 PSIA 45.3 PSIG
70 PSIA 55.3 PSIG
80 PSIA 65.3 PSIG
90 PSIA 75.3 PSIG
100 PSIA 85.3 PSIG
110 PSIA 95.3 PSIG
120 PSIA 105.3 PSIG
130 PSIA 115.3 PSIG
140 PSIA 125.3 PSIG
150 PSIA 135.3 PSIG
160 PSIA 145.3 PSIG
170 PSIA 155.3 PSIG
180 PSIA 165.3 PSIG
190 PSIA 175.3 PSIG
200 PSIA 185.3 PSIG
250 PSIA 235.3 PSIG
300 PSIA 285.3 PSIG
350 PSIA 335.3 PSIG
400 PSIA 385.3 PSIG
450 PSIA 435.3 PSIG
500 PSIA 485.3 PSIG
600 PSIA 585.3 PSIG
700 PSIA 685.3 PSIG
800 PSIA 785.3 PSIG
900 PSIA 885.3 PSIG
1000 PSIA 985.3 PSIG

Hopefully, you will now be able to convert PSIA to PSIG without much problem (using the calculator and this chart). If you need a bit of help, you can always use the comments below and we will help you out.

You can also consult a similar calculator for PSIG to PSIA conversion here.

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