Convert PSI To MPa: PSI To Megapascal Calculator + Chart

In many cases when working with pressure, you will have to convert PSI to MPa. Here we will learn how to convert PSI to MPa (MPa are much bigger units). To help everybody out, we have designed simple-to-use PSI to MPa calculator (insert PSI, get MPa) and included the PSI to MPa conversion chart for 0.1 PSI to 1,000,000 PSI conversions to MPa as well.

First of all, let’s look at what units we are converting:

  • PSI or Pound per Square Inch is the basic unit of pressure used in the US and UK. 1 PSI is equal to a force that 1 pound weight exerts on a surface area of 1 square inch (1 PSI = 1 lbn/in2). Compared to MPa, PSI is a very small unit.
  • MPa or MegaPascal is a SI unit of pressure equal to 1,000,000 Pa (that’s a million Pascals). Pa or Pascal is the amount of pressure equal to 1 Newton of force being applied to 1 square meter; MPa is a million times bigger pressure. (1 MPa = 1,000,000 N/m2). Compared to PSI, MPa is a much bigger unit.

How to convert PSI to MPa?

This conversion is not at all difficult. You only need to know this 1 conversion rule:

1 PSI = 0.00689 MPa

Essentially, 1 PSI is equal to 0.00689 MPa. That means that MPa is more than a 100-times bigger unit of pressure. To calculate MPa from PSI, you only need to multiply PSI by 0.00689.

Example: How many MPa is 3000 PSI? Here is how to calculate the megapascals:

3000 PSI × 0.00689 = 20.6843 MPa

In short, 3000 PSI is equal to more than 20 MPa (20.6843 MPa, to be exact).

These calculations can be quite tedious if you are using a pocket calculator. That’s why we created a simple online PSI to MPa calculator that automatically converts between these two units of pressure. Below the calculator, you will also find a PSI to MPa conversion chart that’s dead simple to use:

PSI To MPa Calculator


Here is a simple example of how this pressure unit calculator works:

Let’s say you want to convert 5000 PSI to MPa. Just insert ‘5000’ in the calculator above and you get the result: 5000 PSI is equal to 34.4738 MPa.

A big chunk of these conversions is summoned in this pounds per square inch to megapascal conversion chart:

PSI To Megapascals Conversion Table

PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch): MPa (Megapascals):
0.1 PSI 0.00069 MPa
1 PSI 0.0069 MPa
10 PSI 0.0689 MPa
20 PSI 0.1379 MPa
30 PSI 0.2068 MPa
40 PSI 0.2758 MPa
50 PSI 0.3447 MPa
60 PSI 0.4137 MPa
70 PSI 0.4826 MPa
80 PSI 0.5516 MPa
90 PSI 0.6205 MPa
100 PSI 0.6895 MPa
150 PSI 1.0342 MPa
200 PSI 1.3790 MPa
250 PSI 1.7237 MPa
300 PSI 2.0684 MPa
350 PSI 2.4132 MPa
400 PSI 2.7579 MPa
450 PSI 3.1026 MPa
500 PSI 3.4474 MPa
600 PSI 4.1369 MPa
700 PSI 4.8263 MPa
800 PSI 5.5158 MPa
900 PSI 6.2053 MPa
1000 PSI 6.8948 MPa
2000 PSI 13.7895 MPa
3000 PSI 20.6843 MPa
4000 PSI 27.5790 MPa
5000 PSI 34.4738 MPa
6000 PSI 41.3685 MPa
7000 PSI 41.3685 MPa
8000 PSI 55.1581 MPa
9000 PSI 62.0528 MPa
10,000 PSI 68.9476 MPa
100,000 PSI 689.4757 MPa
1,000,000 PSI 6,894.7573 MPa

Using both the PSI to MPa calculator and this chart, you can pretty much avoid using a pocket calculator for conversing between these two units. If you need any help with converting PSI to MPa, you can use the comment section below and we will help you out.

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