Convert Pa To PSI: Pascal To PSI Calculator + Conversion Chart

Pascals and PSI are both units of pressure. We are going to show you how you can convert Pa to PSI. For easier conversion, you will find both Pa to PSI calculator (insert Pa, get PSI) as well as a chart with 1 Pa to 10,000,000,000 Pa converted to PSI.

Let’s look at what Pa and PSI are and how to convert Pa to PSI:

  • Pa or Pascal is a SI unit of pressure defined as 1 Newton of force being exerted onto 1 square meter of surface (1 Pa = 1 N/m2). Pascal is a much smaller unit of pressure than PSI.
  • PSI or Pound per Square Inch is also a unit of pressure and it is defined as the force of 1 pound (pound-force) exerted onto 1 square inch of area (1 PSI = 1 lbn/in2). Pound-force is a bit smaller unit than Newtons, but square inches are much smaller than square meters. That’s why pounds per square inch are a much bigger unit than Pascals.

In order to convert Pascals to pounds per square inch, you only need to know this conversion relationship:

1 Pa = 0.000145038 PSI

Basically, 1 Pascal is equal to 0.000145038 PSI. To get Pa from PSI, you just need to multiply pounds per square inches by 0.000145038.

Example: How many Pa is 100,000 PSI? Here is how you can calculate this:

1,000,000 PSI × 0.000145038 = 14.50380 PSI

Converting Pa to PSI is very simple but, due to small numbers, you may have problems using a pocket calculator for all of this.

To help everybody out, we have created a Pa to PSI calculator. You just insert Pa, and the calculator will automatically convert PSI to Pa. Below the calculator, you will also find a Pa to PSI conversion table you should consult:

Pascal To PSI Calculator


Here is how you can use this Pascal to pounds per square inch calculator:

Let’s say you want to convert 6384 Pa to PSI. Just insert ‘6384’ in the calculator and you get the result: 6384 Pa is equal to 0.92592 PSI. That’s very close to 1 PSI since 6895 Pa is equal to 1 PSI.

Let’s look at the complete conversion chart as well:

Pa To PSI Conversion Chart

Pa (Pascal): PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch):
1 Pa 0.00015 PSI
10 Pa 0.00145 PSI
100 Pa 0.01450 PSI
1000 Pa (1 kPa) 0.14504 PSI
2000 Pa (2 kPa) 0.29008 PSI
3000 Pa (3 kPa) 0.43511 PSI
4000 Pa (4 kPa) 0.58015 PSI
5000 Pa (5 kPa) 0.72519 PSI
6000 Pa (6 kPa) 0.87023 PSI
7000 Pa (7 kPa) 1.01527 PSI
8000 Pa (8 kPa) 1.16030 PSI
9000 Pa (9 kPa) 1.30534 PSI
10,000 Pa (10 kPa) 1.45038 PSI
20,000 Pa (20 kPa) 2.90076 PSI
50,000 Pa (50 kPa) 7.25190 PSI
100,000 PSI (100 kPa) 14.50380 PSI
200,000 PSI (200 kPa) 29.00760 PSI
300,000 PSI (300 kPa) 43.51140 PSI
400,000 PSI (400 kPa) 58.01520 PSI
500,000 PSI (500 kPa) 72.51900 PSI
600,000 PSI (600 kPa) 87.02280 PSI
700,000 PSI (700 kPa) 101.52660 PSI
800,000 PSI (800 kPa) 116.03040 PSI
900,000 PSI (900 kPa) 116.03040 PSI
1,000,000 PSI (1 MPa) 145.038 PSI
5,000,000 PSI (5 MPa) 725.190 PSI
10,000,000 PSI (10 MPa) 1,450.38 PSI
100,000,000 PSI (100 MPa) 14,503.8 PSI
1,000,000,000 PSI (1 GPa) 145,038 PSI
10,000,000,000 PSI (10 GPa) 1,450,380 PSI

Hopefully, with the calculator and the chart, you can now adequately convert Pa to PSI. If you need any help with the conversion, you can use the comments below and we will help you out.


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