kW To BTU Calculator: Convert kW To BTU (+ Chart)

In HVAC, heating and cooling capacity is sometimes expressed in kilowatts (kW). To properly understand how powerful an air conditioner or a furnace is, we need to convert kW to BTU (BTU per hour, to be precise).

To simply convert kW to BTU, you can use this handy calculator:


Basically, you just input the kW, and the kW-to-BTU calculator will give the heating/cooling capacity in BTU (British Thermal Units).

Further on, you will find a calculated table with kW-to-BTU conversions for 1 kW to 30 kW (or 3,412 BTU/hr to 68,243 BTU/hr). For reference, the smallest small room air conditioners generate about 1 kW of cooling effect, and the bigger 5-ton central air conditioners generate about 17 kW.

Let’s look at the kW to BTU formula first:

How To Convert kW To BTU?

Kilowatts and BTU are both units of power. To convert kilowatts to BTU, we can use a very simple formula:

1 kW = 3412.142 BTU

That means that 1 kW equals to 3412.142 BTU. The kW to BTU converter uses this formula to calculate BTU from the given kW:

1 kw is 3412 btu

Based on this formula, we can also calculate specific BTU values for every kW. Here is the calculated kW to BTU table:

kW To BTU Table

kW BTU/hr
How many BTU is 1 kW? 3,412 BTU
What is 2 kW in BTU? 6,824 BTU
What is 2.5 kW in BTU? 8,530 BTU
What is 3 kW in BTU? 10,236 BTU
What is 3.5 kW in BTU? 11,942 BTU
What is 4 kW in BTU? 13,649 BTU
What is 4.5 kW in BTU? 15,355 BTU
What is 5 kW in BTU? 17,061 BTU
What is 6 kW in BTU? 20,473 BTU
What is 7 kW in BTU? 23,885 BTU
What is 8 kW in BTU? 27,297 BTU
What is 9 kW in BTU? 30,709 BTU
What is 10 kW in BTU? 34,121 BTU
What is 12 kW in BTU? 40,936 BTU
What is 15 kW in BTU? 51,182 BTU
What is 20 kW in BTU? 68,243 BTU
What is 25 kW in BTU? 85,304 BTU
What is 30 kW in BTU? 102,364 BTU

Examples Of Air Conditions With kW Cooling Capacity

To give you an idea of how kW to BTU conversion looks like, we include the examples of the most common cooling capacities of air conditioners here:

If you have any questions about this HVAC power conversion, you can pose them in the comments below.

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