Convert GPa To PSI: Giga Pascals To PSI Calculator + Conversion Chart

Compared to Pa and even PSI, GPa is a really big unit of pressure. We will show you how to convert GPa to PSI (gigapascals to pounds per square inch). You can do it manually, or use our GPa to PSI calculator (insert GPa, get PSI) and GPa to PSI conversion chart with 0.0001 GPa to 10,000 GPa converted into PSI.

Namely, it is important that we understand what we are converting here:

  • GPa or GigaPascal is a unit of pressure equal to 1,000,000,000 Pa (that’s a billion Pascals). Pa or Pascal is the basic SI unit for measuring pressure, equal to 1 Newton of force being applied to 1 square meter of surface area. GPa or billion of Pascals in a much larger unit than PSI.
  • PSI or Pounds per Square Inch is a US and UK unit of pressure. It is equal to 1 pound-force being applied to 1 square inch of surface area. Compared to GPa, PSI is a much smaller unit.

How to convert GPa to PSI?

You just need to know how many PSI is 1 GPa. Here is the conversion rule:

1 GPa = 145,038 PSI

As you can see, 1 GPa is equal to 145,038 PSI. A good approximation is that 1 gigapascal is equal to about 150,000 pounds per square inch (PSI). To calculate PSI from GPa, you only need to multiply PSI by a factor of 145,038.

Example: How many PSI is 7 GPA? Here is how you can convert that:

145,038 × 7 GPa = 1,015,266 PSI

In short, 7 GPa is equal to more than a million PSI.

To help with the calculations (better option than a pocket calculator), you can use this automated GPa to PSI calculator, alongside the conversion chart found below the calculator:

GPa To PSI Calculator


If you want to convert say 18 GPa to PSI, just insert ’18’ in the calculator and you get the result: 18 GPa pressure is equal to 2,610,684 PSI.

Here is the conversion table for matching GPa and PSI pressures:

Giga Pascals To PSI Conversion Table

GPa (Giga Pascal): PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch):
0.0001 GPa 14.5038 PSI
0.001 GPa 145.038 PSI
0.01 GPa 1,450.38 PSI
0.1 GPa 14,503.8 PSI
1 GPa 145,038 PSI
2 GPa 290,076 PSI
3 GPa 435,114 PSI
4 GPa 580,152 PSI
5 GPa 725,190 PSI
6 GPa 870,228 PSI
7 GPa 1,015,266 PSI
8 GPa 1,160,304 PSI
9 GPa 1,305,342 PSI
10 GPa 1,450,380 PSI
20 GPa 2,900,760 PSI
30 GPa 4,351,140 PSI
40 GPa 5,801,520 PSI
50 GPa 7,251,900 PSI
60 GPa 8,702,280 PSI
70 GPa 10,152,660 PSI
80 GPa 11,603,040 PSI
90 GPa 13,053,420 PSI
100 GPa 14,503,800 PSI
200 GPa 29,007,600 PSI
300 GPa 43,511,400 PSI
400 GPa 58,015,200 PSI
500 GPa 72,519,000 PSI
600 GPa 87,022,800 PSI
700 GPa 101,526,600 PSI
800 GPa 116,030,400 PSI
900 GPa 130,534,200 PSI
1000 GPa 145,038,000 PSI
10,000 GPa 1,450,380,000 PSI

With the GPa to PSI calculator and this conversion chart, you will be easily able to convert one unit into the other. If you need some help, you can use the comments below and we will help you out.

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