Natural Gas CCF To Therms Calculator + Chart (1 CCF = 1.037 Therms)

The volume of natural gas is sometimes expressed in CCF (Centum Cubic Feet). The heat content of that natural gas is expressed in therms. In many cases, we need to convert CCF to therms. To help you with this conversion, we have created a simple CCF To Therms Calculator (insert CCF, get therms) alongside the CCF To Therms Conversion Chart (0.1 CCF to 1000 CCF converted into therms).

Here is a short summary of the units we are converting:

  • CCF stands for Centum Cubic Feet. This is a volumetric unit for natural gas equal to 100 cubic feet of natural gas (100 CF). Centrum = 100 in latin.
  • Therm is a unit of heat content equal to 100,000 BTU (hundred thousand BTU). BTU or British Thermal Unit is the basic unit for heat content; 1 BTU is the energy needed to increase the temperature of 1 pound of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit.
ccf to therms on gas meter
We will find “CUBIC FEET” on a gas meter. CCF is equal to 100 cubic feet of natural gas.

The relationship between the CCF of natural gas and therms is very close to 1:1. Here is the only conversion data point we need to convert CCF to therms:

“100 cubic feet (CCF) of natural gas equals 103,700 BTU, or 1.037 therms.” (Source: US Energy Information Administration)

That means that:

  • 1 CCF is equal to 1.037 therms.
  • 1 therm is equal to 0.96432 CCF.

As you can see, the relationship is very close to 1:1 (only 3.7% difference). In approximation, 1 CCF is equal to 1 therm. Here is the exact CCF to therms formula that the calculator below uses to make this conversion:

Therms = CCF × 1.037

Quick example: How many therms of heat content are in 50 CCF of natural gas? Simple. Just insert the ’50 CCF’ into the equation above like this:

Therms (50 CCF) = 50 CCF × 1.037 =51.85 Therms

As you can see, 50 CCF of natural gas contains 51.85 therms of heat content.

To make this calculation even simple, you can use this CCF to therms calculator. You can find the CCF to therms chart where we converted 0.1 CCF and up to 1000 CCF into therms, and summarized them in the neat table (found below this the calculator):

CCF To Therms Calculator

Here you just insert CCF. The calculator will automatically convert CCF input into therms output (you can play around with numbers to see how the therms output changes):


Here is how this calculator works:

Let’s say you want to convert 80 CCF to therms. Just slide the slider to ’80’ and you get the result: 80 CCF is equal to 82.96 therms.

We have converted anywhere between 0.1 CCF and 1000 CFM to therms. Here is the full conversion chart:

CCF To Therms Conversion Chart

CCF Of Natural Gas: Therms:
0.1 CCF Of Natural Gas 0.1037 Therms
1 CCF Of Natural Gas 1.037 Therms
2 CCF Of Natural Gas 2.07 Therms
3 CCF Of Natural Gas 3.11 Therms
4 CCF Of Natural Gas 4.15 Therms
5 CCF Of Natural Gas 5.19 Therms
6 CCF Of Natural Gas 6.22 Therms
7 CCF Of Natural Gas 7.26 Therms
8 CCF Of Natural Gas 8.30 Therms
9 CCF Of Natural Gas 9.33 Therms
10 CCF Of Natural Gas 10.37 Therms
15 CCF Of Natural Gas 15.56 Therms
20 CCF Of Natural Gas 20.74 Therms
25 CCF Of Natural Gas 25.92 Therms
30 CCF Of Natural Gas 31.11 Therms
35 CCF Of Natural Gas 36.29 Therms
40 CCF Of Natural Gas 41.48 Therms
45 CCF Of Natural Gas 46.67 Therms
50 CCF Of Natural Gas 51.85 Therms
60 CCF Of Natural Gas 62.22 Therms
70 CCF Of Natural Gas 72.59 Therms
80 CCF Of Natural Gas 82.96 Therms
90 CCF Of Natural Gas 93.33 Therms
100 CCF Of Natural Gas 103.70 Therms
200 CCF Of Natural Gas 207.40 Therms
500 CCF Of Natural Gas 518.50 Therms
1000 CCF Of Natural Gas 1037.00 Therms

Now, whenever you need to convert CCF to therms, you can just use this chart. For example, how many therms is 200 CCF? Check the table: 200 CCF is equal to 207.40 therms.

With this calculator and chart, you now have full insight into how to convert CCF to therms. If you have any questions regarding the conversion, or would like our help, you can use the comment section below, give us some numbers, and we will make the conversion for you.

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