4 Best Wood Stoves In 2024 (50,000+ BTU, High-Efficiency)

wood burning stove in a house

“Today you can choose from a new generation of wood-burning appliances that are cleaner burning, more efficient, and powerful enough to heat many average-sized, modern homes.” (DOE On Wood Stoves) This is a direct quote about wood stoves by the US Department of Energy. It perfectly encapsulates why the currently best wood stoves are so … Read more

5 Best Pellet Stoves In 2024 (For 500-2,500 Sq Ft Homes)

reviews of the best pellet stoves

Pellet stoves are the cleanest solid fuel, residential heating appliance. (US Department of Energy) Pellet stoves are becoming increasingly more popular in recent years. In fact, it’s not hard to see why so many homeowners are deciding to install a pellet stove in their living room. The best pellet stoves are a perfect marriage between … Read more

How Does A Pellet Stove Work? (7-Step Cycle Explained)

step by step explaination of how pellet stoves work

How do we come from a press on the pellet stove thermostat button to cozy 80°F room temperature? Back-to-nature pellet stoves are all the rage. They are both environmentally-friendly and easy to use. The reason why pellet stoves are so convenient is hidden in the way how they work. The inner workings of pellet stoves … Read more