Activated Carbon Air Filter: How Does A Carbon Filter Work? (Adsorption)

activated carbon filter in the making

A gram of activated carbon can have a surface area in excess of 5,400 sq ft, with 32,000 sq ft being readily achievable. (Wikipedia On Activated Charcoal) Pretty much every air purifier has an activated carbon filter. What does it do and what does “activated” actually mean? We’ll look into what an activated carbon filter … Read more

HEPA Filter Types And How Do HEPA Filters Work? (4 Mechanisms)

Here is the basic distinction between HEPA and HEPA filters: HEPA is a standard, developed by DOE. HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air. Filters that meet that standard are referred to as HEPA filters. HEPA filters are nothing more (or less) than filters that meet the HEPA standard, put forward in 1983 by the US … Read more

Mold Inspection And Testing: When Do You Really Need $500+ Inspection?

inspecting for mold with visible black mold

Mold infestation is one of the more dreaded home problems. Allergies, musty smell, and even structural damage are all consequences of undetected mold infestation. How to do mold inspection and testing? At first, it seems it’s the easiest thing in the world: Mold inspection: Check if there is mold present in your house. Mold testing: … Read more

Ozone Generators: How Does An Ozone Machine Work? (+Safety Concerns)

ozone generators and their effects

“When inhaled, ozone can damage the lungs. Relatively low amounts of ozone can cause chest pain, coughing, shortness of breath and, throat irritation.” (EPA on ‘Ozone Generators that are Sold as Air Cleaners’) We all know the ozone layer. It’s the protecting shield in the Earth’s stratosphere. That’s the good ozone. What is the ‘bad’ … Read more

8 Differences Between Air Purifiers vs Humidifiers (Head-To-Head Comparison)

comparison between air purifier vs humidifer

Here’s the outtake: Air purifiers clean the air, humidifiers make the air wetter when it’s too dry. There is some confusion when it comes to air purifiers vs humidifiers. Some people even wonder if an air purifier is the same thing as a humidifier. They’s are not. In fact, there are several differences between a … Read more

5 Best Air Purifier And Humidifier Combos In 2021 (2-In-1 Units)

best air purifier humidifier in one

“I’m looking to buy an air purifier and humidifier. Which ones would you recommend?” This is the typical air purifier and humidifier combo request we get. EPA stated that indoor air can be 2 to 5 times more contaminated than outdoor air. Opening windows during a heating season doesn’t make a lot of sense. On … Read more