4 Best Window AC Support Brackets (Brackets For Air Conditioner)

All window air conditioners have to be fixed. It’s almost impossible for the window sill alone to support all the weight of a heavy AC unit. That’s why every elevated outdoor air conditioner (be it window unit, or outdoor mini-split unit) needs to be fixed in place by an AC support bracket. In some places, … Read more

3 Best Low Profile Window Air Conditioners (80% Height Reduction)

Those window AC units sure are tall, right? They can limit the natural light coming in from the window. Not every window air conditioner has a 16+ inch profile. The low-profile window air conditioner can shave a few inches of its height dimensions. And those are not even the units with the absolute lowest profile … Read more

7 Most Efficient Window AC Units (Under $149,32/Year Cost)

Nobody likes to pay extra for electricity (especially if you don’t have to). That’s why we have created an all-in-one overview of the absolute most energy-efficient window air conditioners on the market. Choosing any one of them will reduce the 20-year electricity expenditure by at least $434,23 (compared to standard-efficiency units). In terms of coal … Read more

3+4 New Saddle Air Conditioners Explained (Over-The-Sill AC Units)

differences between saddle u shaped air conditioners and conventional window air conditioners

Look out of the window. Do you like that view and sunlight? That’s the view the old clumsy window air conditioners will likely destroy. This is precisely why the new-age saddle air conditioners like Midea U Inverter and Air Soleus saddle air conditioners are becoming so wildly popular. In fact, they are one of the … Read more

6 Best Through-The-Wall Air Conditioners In 2021 (In-Wall AC Units)

In-wall air conditioner is a type of AC unit that is installed through the wall. All air conditioners take away your living space; portable units cover your floor, window units steer your window, central air has ducts. All of them, of course, except through the wall air conditioner. Air conditioners that are installed thru the … Read more

5 Best Casement/Vertical AC Units For Sliding Windows (2021)

narrow window air conditioners that fit casement and vertical windows

Homeowners with casement windows have quite a struggle finding casement window air conditioners. Can you put an air conditioner in a casement window? Of course, you can. Casement window air conditioners are narrow AC units. While standard window units for double-hung windows are wide and short, the casement AC units are narrow and tall. To … Read more

9 Quietest Window AC Units In 2021 (Down To 38.9 dB Noise)

super quiet window air conditioners

Window air conditioners should generate as little noise as possible. These AC units are a bit elevated and in tight contact with a rigid window sill, allowing for vibrations; any noise a window AC makes will propagate throughout the room. Wall-mounted air conditioners are not the loudest type of air conditioners; they are, however, also … Read more