How To Fix AC Short Cycling In Seconds/Minutes (5 DIY Solutions)

“My air conditioners starts OK; then it stops in seconds/minutes. What’s wrong?” One of the most annoying (and potentially harmful) problems we encounter is air conditioner short cycling. It involves an air conditioner short cycling in seconds or minutes, without even completing a full cooling cycle. (Example of AC short cycling) Here is what you … Read more

AC Blowing Hot/Warm Air: What’s Wrong? (6 Common Causes)

“When I turn on my air conditioner, it starts blowing hot air.” Air conditioner blowing warm air is not all that uncommon AC problem. Unlike most fairly innocent issues, AC blowing hot air is quite alarming. Essentially, the air conditioner should be blowing cold air. That’s pretty much its main job. When AC starts blowing … Read more

AC Not Blowing Cold Air But Running: 8 Causes + Fixes

“My air conditioner is running but it’s not blowing cold air. What might be the problem?” When air conditioners malfunction, not blowing cold air is one of the most common problems. There is nothing worst than looking at the AC running but not cooling (blowing 80°F or even 90°F output air temperature in the middle … Read more