5 Best Air Purifiers For Bedroom In 2024: Compared, Reviewed, Rated

Where to place an air purifier? In the bedroom, of course.

According to the EPA, we spend up to 90% of our time indoors (alongside the 2x to 5x more polluted air than outdoors). At least 8 hours per day is spent in the bedroom (if we’re lucky). That’s why bedroom air purifiers are the ones most people want to get.

All air purifiers can be placed in the bedroom, but not all air purifiers are best equipped to be bedroom air cleaners. There are some requirements for the best bedroom air purifiers to follow. These include:

  • Silent operation. Nothing over 60 dB.
  • True HEPA filters to capture even the smallest air pollutants.
  • Ability to deem lights.
  • Preference: Smartphone controls. Because when you’re tucked in your bed, the last thing you want to do is to untuck and change the air purifier’s setting.

Air purifiers for bedrooms are designed to be left on all night.

We will cover the 5 best air purifiers for beds, based on these criteria, and with the respect to the specification such as coverage area, CADR rating, airflow, and filtration system. All of them filter out the most common bedroom air pollutant: Fine dust, and other allergens.

Before we look at all of them, a word about the Alen BreatheSmart series. BreatheSmart is the only air purifier series with validated dependent ScoreSleep Lab studies. In essence, all Alen BreatheSmart air purifiers were specifically designed (and tested) to improve the quality of sleep.

Here are the findings of this bedroom air purifier study:

study about the best air purifiers in bedroom and related quality of sleep

“Participants reported falling asleep faster and felt more rested the next day when using Alen purifiers at night.” (SleepScore Labs study findings)

That makes Alen BreatheSmart the most appropriate series of air purifiers to be used in the bedroom. It’s thus only natural for the best Alen model – the new Alen BreatheSmart 45i – the best bedroom air purifier.

Below you will find a list of the best air purifier for bedrooms with the comparison table (comparing coverage areas, CADR rating, noise levels, and so on). Further on, we’ll examine the specification, and you’re recommended to read individual reviews of all bedroom-friendly air purifiers:

Best Air Purifier For Bedroom (Comparison)

    1. Best Bedroom Air Purifier (Specifically Designed To Improve Sleeping Quality): Alen BreatheSmart 45i
    2. Best Master Bedroom Air Purifier For Large Bedrooms: Coway Airmega 400 Smart
    3. Best European Air Purifier For Bedrooms: Blueair 211+
    4. Best Small Bedroom Air Purifier For Kids Rooms: Hathaspace HSP001 Smart
    5. Cheapest Air Purifier For Bedroom: Okaysou AirMax8L

(scroll right, and down)

Bedroom Air Purifier: #1 Alen BreatheSmart 45i #2 Coway Airmega 400 Smart #3 BlueAir 211+ #4 Hathaspace HSP001 Smart #5 Okaysou AirMax8L
Recommended Coverage: Up to 800 sq ft Up to 1,560 sq ft 540 sq ft Up to 700 sq ft 500 sq ft
Bedroom Size (5 ACH): 320 sq ft 624 sq ft 540 sq ft 140 sq ft 300 sq ft
CADR Rating: 245 350 350 94 210
Max. Airflow: 215 CFM 340 CFM 300 CFM N/A N/A
Filters: 45i H13 HEPA Max2 HEPA With Washable Prefilter HEPASilent Filtration 5-Stage Filtration System Medical Grade H13 HEPA
Noise Levels: 23-49 dB Up to only 43.2 dB 31-56 dB 21-43 dB 32-49 dB
Price: $$$$ $$$$ $$$$ $$$$ $$$$
Average Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars 4.8 out of 5 stars 4.6 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.3 out of 5 stars
Availability: Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price

These specs might not be the easiest to understand. Let’s look at some of the key one. We’ll start with the most important part of all bedroom air purifiers: Filtration System.

Filtration Systems, Appropriate For Bedroom Air Pollution

To pick the best air purifier for bedrooms, it needs to have a filtration system that can capture air pollutants we commonly find in bedrooms.

The main bedroom air pollutant is dust. For dust removal, it’s essential that the bedroom air purifier has a HEPA filter.

HEPA filters are tested to capture more than 99.97% of dust particles that are as small as 0.3 microns in the bedroom. Along with problematic dust particles, HEPA filters also capture pollen, smoke particles, and other allergens that might hamper your sleep.

In the bedroom, we also find a larger concentration of large air pollutants like hair, as well as unpleasant odor (sweat, for example). It’s not hard to understand why:

We spend 8 hours per day sleeping. All the hair that falls out and all the sweat we produce during that time stays in the bedroom.

That’s why best bedroom air purifiers include two additional filters, namely:

  • Pre-filter for larger particles. This takes care of hair, pet dander, and protects the HEPA filter.
  • Activated carbon filter for sweat odors. This charcoal filter adsorbs gaseous air pollutants mechanic filters like HEPA and pre-filters are unable to remove.

The result of this 3-stage filtration is alleviated bedroom air quality.

Some air purifiers can have additional filters. Hathaspace HSPoo1, for example, includes an extra pre-filter that is necessary if you have an above-average concentration of fluff in your bedroom – that usually happens if you have pets; dogs or cats just love sleeping with us.

CADR Rating For Bedroom Dust, Pollen, And Smoke

The CADR rating is the most important metrics that tell us how efficient bedroom air purifiers are at removing 3 main air pollutants. These are:

  • Dust in the bedroom. Specifically, 0.09-1.0 µm dust particles frequently found in sleeping areas.
  • Pollen in the bedroom.
  • Smoke in the bedroom.

Air purifiers are independently tested by AHAM to measure the CADR rating. The average CADR rating is about 200. For better, it’s best to get a 200+ CADR rating air purifier in order to significantly improve bedroom air quality.

Bedroom Coverage: Small, Standard, And Large Bedrooms

It’s important to properly size an air purifier to the square footage of your bedroom. According to CreditDonkey, an average bedroom size in a home is 219 square feet.

If you check the comparison of the best air purifier for the bedroom above, you can see that all of them have a maximum coverage area above 219 sq ft. Does that mean that all of them would be most appropriate even for a master bedroom?

Not at all. The recommended room coverage is just square footage manufacturers use (usually based on 2 air changes per hour). For a bedroom, it’s recommended to use 5 ACH in the square footage calculation.

That means that all the air in a bedroom would be exchanged every 12 minutes; recommended for areas with high allergen concentration. It’s always better to buy a little bigger air purifier for bedrooms in order to ensure the highest bedroom air quality during the nights.

For reference, here are the bedroom sizes:

  • Small bedroom: 100-200 sq ft.
  • Standard bedroom: 200-400 sq ft.
  • Large bedroom: 400+ sq ft, including master bedrooms.

Now, let’s look at the one metric that really matters during the nights:

Quiet Operation That Doesn’t Bother Your Sleep

Bedroom air purifiers should be running all through the night. Of course, the silent operation is essential for that. When you place it in the bedroom, the distance between where you sleep and the position of the air purifier is usually 10 feet or less.

The choice of the best bedroom air purifier must take noise levels into account. Many air purifiers can produce more than 60 dB while running at full speed. Alen BreatheSmart 45i, for example, produces only 49 dB at the highest speed.

Many bedroom air purifiers have the so-called Sleep Mode. That’s the rest mode; people do confuse it with ‘Mode-While-Sleeping’. When you actually go to sleep, you don’t put an air purifier in the bedroom into Sleep Mode. You just reduce the fan speed setting to medium, or even low. Noise levels at that speed are very quiet.

Before we look at the review of individual air purifiers that are best fit for bedrooms, here’s another unnecessary but useful feature:

Smart Air Purifiers – Smartphone Connectivity

Older air purifiers are controlled via the purifier’s own display. Some even have remote controllers. The modern bedroom air purifier can be controlled via a smartphone.

For bedroom air purifier, this is a convenient feature. The last thing most of us look at before falling asleep is a smartphone.

It’s quite handy to use a smartphone app to control the air purifier in the bedroom. That means you don’t have to untuck, go to the air purifier, set the fan speed, or dim the lights.

Smartphone connectivity might sound unnecessary until the very moment you have to remove your blanket. Then you quickly realize that every top-rated bedroom air purifier should come with the smartphone app.

With all that in mind, let’s look at the very best air purifiers for the bedroom. And none is better than the Alen BreatheSmart 45i:

1. Alen BreatheSmart 45i Review (Best Bedroom Air Purifier Specifically Designed For Sleeping)

Alen BreatheSmart 45i Review
Bedroom Size (5 ACH): 320 sq ft
CADR Rating: 245
Max. Airflow: 215 CFM
Filters: 45i H13 HEPA
Noise Levels: 23-49 dB
Dimensions: 25″ x 15″ x 8.5″
Weight: 15 lbs
Price: $$$$
Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars

Alen BreatheSmart is the only dedicated series of air purifiers, specialized to be used in bedrooms. It’s made by Alen, one of the most reputable companies in the air purification industry. The 45i model is the best BreatheSmart unit and it’s easy to see which is the best bedroom air purifier.

Specs-wise it’s obvious that if you would set your engineers to design air purifiers specifically for bedrooms, they would come up with a silent, 200+ CADR rated, HEPA filter air purifier for a standard-sized bedroom. Alen BreatheSmart 45i is all that.

WhisperMax technology is used to achieve low 23-49 dB noise levels. The 45i model has a 245 CADR rating at 215 CFM max. airflow, thanks to the True HEPA filters.

The 45i True HEPA filters are designed the remove 99.97% dust particles that are as small as 0.3 microns in diameter; perfect for bedrooms. Alen’s HEPA filters also have a longer lifespan; they can last up to 12 months.

Alen is also the only company that tests not only the indoor air quality but also monitors the improvement in the quality of sleep. You can read more about the SleepScore Labs sleeping study in the Alen BreatheSmart air purifier review article here.

All in all, the Alen BreatheSmart is the best air purifier for most bedrooms. It can fit any standard-sized bedroom between 200 sq ft and 400 sq ft, and it will do a phenomenal job in increasing the quality of the air your breath during the night. If you need a bigger air purifier, you can even invest in the Alen BreatheSmart 75i – the best overall air purifier currently on the market.

  • Specifically designed to be perfect for bedroom use; by far the best air purifier for most bedrooms
  • Very low noise levels (23-49 dB) with 245 CADR rating and 215 max. airflow
  • Reliable HEPA filters (with pre-filter and activated carbon filter) with prolonged up to 12 months lifespan
  • Best for 200 sq ft to 400 sq ft bedrooms; it will fit most bedrooms
  • Distinguished Alen brand; with an affordable price tag
  • Does not have smartphone connectivity which could be very useful

2. Coway Airmega 400 Smart Review (Best Master Bedroom Air Purifier For Large Bedrooms)

big bedroom air purifier with smart functions
Bedroom Size (5 ACH): 624 sq ft
CADR Rating: 350
Max. Airflow: 340 CFM
Filters: Max2 HEPA With Washable Prefilter
Noise Levels: Up to only 43.2 dB
Dimensions: 14.8 x 22.9 x 14.8 inches
Weight: 24.7 lbs
Price: $$$$
Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

Coway Airmega 400 Smart is the true powerhouse among bedroom air purifiers. At 2 ACH, it can cover 1,560 sq ft area. For the bedroom, 5 ACH is recommended. Even at 5 ACH, the Coway Airmega 400 Smart has a 624 sq ft coverage. That’s why it’s used in larger bedrooms, preferably in master bedrooms.

As we’ve put in the article about Coway air purifier, Coway is probably ‘the’ name is the air purifier industry, and Airmega 400 Smart is their best model. It wasn’t specifically designed to be used in the bathroom like the Alen BreatheSmart 45i, but it has all the necessary requirements.

First of all, Coway’s signature Max2 filter reduced more than 99% of volatile organic compounds in the bedroom. The True HEPA filter, combined with an activated carbon filter, take care of small bedroom dust particles and stale bedroom odors.

Secondly, the noise levels are record low. BreatheSmart series might be designed for bedrooms with up to 49 dB noise levels. Coway Airmega 400 Smart maximum decibel level is only 43. That’s out-of-this-world silent.

From spec to spec you can clearly read how fantastic Coway air purifier is for large bedrooms. It has an extremely high 350 CADR rating at 340 max. airflow, an air pollution sensor that monitors bedroom air quality every 1 minute, and is Energy Star rated with 64W max. wattage.

On top of that, it’s a ‘smart’ unit. It can be connected to a smartphone where you can set timers, check bedroom air quality, choose between 5-speed fans, and so on. The only problem is that it will be overkill in smaller bedrooms.

All in all, Coway Airmega 400 Smart is one of the best air purifiers ever engineers. It’s the quietest bedroom air purifier, with a high 350 CADR rating, smartphone connectivity and optimum Energy Star rated energy-efficiency. In short, brilliant for big bedrooms.

  • Brilliant specifications; extremely high 350 CADR rating, 340 max. airflow, 5 fan speeds, Auto Mode
  • The quietest air purifier for bedrooms, with max. noise levels of only 43 dB
  • Has True HEPA filters, with Max2 filter for VOCs, and pre-filter for air
  • Smartphone connectivity; monitor bedroom air quality, change fan speeds, set timers, and so on
  • Coway is one of the best air purifier producers in general
  • It’s very powerful and fit only for larger bedrooms; with a 624 sq ft bedroom coverage area, it would be overkill for a small bedroom

3. BlueAir 211+ Review (Best European Bedroom Air Purifier)

small bedroom air purifier
Bedroom Size (5 ACH): 540 sq ft
CADR Rating: 350
Max. Airflow: 300 CFM
Filters: HEPASilent Filtration
Noise Levels: 31-56 dB
Dimensions: 13″ x 13″ x 20.4″
Weight: 13 lbs
Price: $$$$
Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

Blueair is the most well-known European air purifier producer. They come from Sweden; maybe that’s why all Blueair air cleaners have an Ikea-like design.

Blueair has an effective large bedroom air purifier called Blueair 211+. The core of the 211+ model is HEPASilent technology. It allows for a quiet operation of its HEPA-based filtration system. You can read more about it in the review of the best Blueair models here.

Blueair 211+ has 3-stage bedroom-friendly filtration that includes:

  1. Pre-filter for all the hair lying around the bedroom.
  2. Activated carbon filter for any bedroom odors you find undesirable.
  3. HEPA filter (most important filter) that is perfect for dusty bedrooms. It captures even the smallest 0.3-micron dust particles with over 99.97% efficacy.

If you check the Air Purifier Essentials Guide, you know how important a powerful fan is when it comes to a larger area. Blueair 211+’s fan, coupled with the 3-stage filtration system, can achieve an extremely high 350 CADR rating at only 300 CFM max. airflow. That’s the best CADR to airflow ratio you’re likely to see, even in the best bedroom air purifiers.

The noise levels, however, can reach 56 dB which is not ideal for the bedroom. When you go to sleep, you will have to run the Blueair 211+ at a low or medium fan speed setting.

All in all, Blueair 211+ is the best European air purifier with an Ikea-like design. It’s powerful, very effective for dusty bedrooms, and has only a $300 price tag. It is a bit loud at the highest setting, however.

  • Best CADR rating to the max. airflow ratio: 350 CADR vs 300 CFM (above 1:1)
  • Extensive HEPA filtration for dusty bedrooms
  • Simple minimalistic Ikea-like Scandinavian design
  • Relatively cheap compared to Alen and Coway units
  • Despite HEPASilent tech, the highest speed setting still hits 56 dB noise levels
  • If you can’t run it on high speed at night, its 540 sq ft bedroom size is reduced to 300-400 sq ft

4. Hathaspace HSP001 Smart Review (Best Small Bedroom Air Purifier)

Best Bedroom Air Purifier For Pets
Bedroom Size (5 ACH): 140 sq ft
CADR Rating: 94
Max. Airflow: N/A
Filters: 5-Stage Filtration System
Noise Levels: 21-43 dB
Dimensions: 13” L x 7” W x 20” H
Weight: 12 lbs
Price: $$$$
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Not everybody has a big bedroom and a $300+ budget. For small bedrooms up to 200 sq ft, the Hathaspace HSP001 is perfect. You can use it in the kids’ rooms as well. In short, it’s an affordable small bedroom air purifier with a quiet operation.

Hathaspace HSP001 has an extensive 5-stage filtration. In addition to the basic 3-stage filtration (pre-filter, activated carbon, and HEPA filter), the Hathaspace HSP001 has a secondary pre-filter as well as a cold catalyst filter for the last stage filtration.

A secondary pre-filter is especially useful if you have pets. Cats and dogs will leave pet dander, fluff, and all kid of hair all over the bedroom. Pre-filters are designed to catch these larger airborne particles. You can read an in-depth review of Hathaspace air purifiers here.

All in all, the Hathaspace HSP001 is a nice little air purifier fit for small bedrooms.

  • Small bedroom air purifier with 5-stage filtration system
  • Very silent operation is useful for overnight use in the bedroom (21-43 dB)
  • Lower price because it’s a smaller air purifier
  • Hathaspace is not a well-known brand
  • More filters mean higher replacement filter cost
  • Can’t be used in over 200 square feet bedrooms

5. Okaysou AirMax8L Review (Cheapest Air Purifier For Bedroom)

budget bedroom air purifier
Bedroom Size (5 ACH): 300 sq ft
CADR Rating: 210
Max. Airflow: N/A
Filters: Medical Grade H13 HEPA
Noise Levels: 32-49 dB
Dimensions: 12.9″ x 7.1″ x 19.4″
Weight: 13.7 lbs
Price: $$$$
Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Okaysou AirMax8L is a perfect solution for people who have a standard-sized bedroom and would just like a simple air purifier that doesn’t cost a ton. Breathing higher quality of air during the night doesn’t really require $500+ air purifiers.

What you need is a HEPA-based filtration system capable of running below 50 dB. This is exactly what Okaysou AirMax8L is.

You have the HEPA filter with Ultra-Duo technology. Even at the highest fan speed setting, you would break the 50 dB noise levels. Okaysou AirMax8L runs at between 32 dB and 49 dB. You can read an extensive Okaysou air purifier review here.

The best part is that this up to 300 sq ft bedroom air purifier costs less than $150. With a 210 CADR rating, that’s more than enough air purification efficiency for most bedrooms.

  • Very cheap bedroom air purifier for less than $150
  • Silent HEPA filter based operation (up to 49 dB noise levels)
  • Decent specs for a standard-sized bedroom (210 CADR rating and 300 sq ft coverage at 5 ACH)
  • Okaysou is a new air purifier brand without an established track-record
  • Design of Okaysou AirMax8L is not the most appealing one
  • It’s insufficiently powerful for 300+ sq ft bedrooms

Bedroom Air Purification FAQ

A bedroom is where air purifiers are most commonly used. Can they be used all night, and do they improve the quality of sleeping? We’ll answer these and some other questions about bedroom air purifiers below:

What Is The Best Air Purifier For A Bedroom?

The best air purifier for the bedroom is silent, has a high CADR rating, a HEPA-based filtration system, and so on. All these qualities are joined best in the Alen BreatheSmart 45i. That makes it the best bedroom air purifier.

Of course, if you have a big bedroom, Coway Airmega 400 might be a better option.

All in all, check for silent operation and high CADR rating. Those are important for efficient removal of dust, pollen, and smoke particles from the bedroom, and peaceful sleeping.

Do Air Purifiers Help You Sleep Better?

We do know that high indoor air pollution might be negatively impact sleeping patterns. For example, a higher concentration of allergens might cause more allergic reactions.

Air purifiers do remove allergens and increase the quality of bedroom air. Therefore it might be prudent to conclude that air purifiers help you sleep better. However, scientific studies that connect the sleeping quality with air purifier directly, are few. Studies usually research the relationship between sleeping quality and indoor air quality.

One study, conducted by SleepScore Labs, shows that Alen BreatheSmart air purifiers positively affect how well-rested we wake up.

Is It OK To Leave Air Purifier On All Night?

Most air purifiers are supposed to run 24/7 to continuously keep the bedroom air quality high. That, of course, also includes the nights.

It is OK to leave an air purifier on all night. That’s exactly what you should do. Knowing air purifier will run all through the night prompts air purifier producers to design quiet units.

If you don’t get one of the quietest bedroom-friendly air purifiers, you can still reduce the fan speed setting in order to reduce the noise levels of that particular device. Quiet operation and sleeping go hand-in-hand.

Is It Bad To Sleep In A Dusty Room?

When we sleep, we breathe in the surrounding air. If the surrounding air has a high concentration of dust, that dust will enter our lungs, and might even trigger smaller responses measured by the body.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that sleeping in a dusty from is the worst thing that can happen. Fortunately, however, we have methods to increase indoor air quality like opening a window or using an air purifier.

It’s actually very easy to decrease the total concentration of airborne dust in a room.

If you have any other questions that might relate to sleeping and air purifier, you can pose them in the comments below.

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