7 Best Air Purifier For Pet Hair And Dust (For Fluffy Cats, Dogs)

Pets and dust. Dog or cat hair lying on the floor, invisible dust particulates in the air. Both are needless nuisances that make our homes look messy, and we have to breathe in all these nasty air particulates. Not to mention pet hair allergies, like sneezing, eye irritation, skin irritation, and so on.

Here’s the #1 culprit for all that flying cat hair (her name is Goldie, likes to leave hair EVERYWHERE, just look at all that fluff):

cat leaving hair everywhere
Goldie doesn’t care where it leaves its majestic fluff (just look at that fur!), so she just leaves it everywhere. Doesn’t care about dust either, it’s a cat.

Luckily, cat hair, dog hair, and dust can be dealt with by having a good air purifier. Specifically, we are looking for an air purifier that can take on:

  • Pet hair (dogs, cats): We need an air purifier for cat hair with superb pre-filters here and a high-grade HEPA filter to fight pet allergies.
  • Pet smell (cat litter smell, wet dog smell, you can smell it right away): We need a superb active carbon filter for odor adsorption; your home smelling like cat litter is the worst.
  • Dust particles: We need the top-of-the-line Medical-Grade HEPA H13 filters (removes 99.97% 0.03 µm sized particles) used in hospitals and clinics. The best HEPA air purifier for cat allergies should include an air filter for cat fur and dog hair (medical-grade H13 or H14 HEPA).

We would also like for our new dust and pets air purifier to have the best H13 or H14 HEPA filters, 200+ CFM airflow, low noise levels, and wouldn’t cost $1,000 (we also don’t want $100 fakes known to break down all the time, reliability should be essential as well)… so, no pressure here.

Based on criteria of how well air purifiers can remove BOTH pet hair (and poo-poo smell) and dust particles, we have created this list of the best air purifiers for dust and pet hair:

For Dust, Pet Hair: #1 Medify Air MA-40 #2 PuroAir 240 H14 HEPA #3 Medify Air MA-112 #4 Alen Breathe Smart 45i #5 Turonic PH950 Combo #6 PURO² XYGEN P500i #7 Morento HY4866 HEPA 13
Photo: medify ma 40 for pet hair puroair hepa 14 air purifier medify ma 112 for big rooms alen breathesmart 45i quiet air purifier for pet hair Turonic PH950 PURO² XYGEN P500i photo morento HY4866 air purifier
Dust CADR: 231 CFM 240 CFM 594 CFM 245 CFM 330 CFM 180 CFM 177 CFM
Particle CADR: 235 CFM 240 CFM 598 CFM 245 CFM 320 CFM 190 CFM 177 CFM
HEPA Filters: H13 or H14 H14 H13 or H14 H13 H13 True HEPA True HEPA
0.3 µm Efficiency: 99.995% 99.995% 99.995% 99.95% 99.95% 99.5% 99.5%
Coverage (2 ACH): 896 Sq Ft 499 Sq Ft 2228 Sq Ft 800 Sq Ft 1050 Sq Ft 275 Sq Ft 538 Sq Ft
Noise Levels: 40.5-53.3 dB 22-55.2 dB 35.8-56.5 dB 23-49 dB 36-59.2 dB Below 61 dB Below 60 dB
Price: $$$$ $$$$ $$$$ $$$$ $$$$ $$$$ $$$$
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 4.8 out of 5 stars 4.8 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.2 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5 stars 3.5 out of 5 stars
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1. Best Price-Performance Air Purifier For Pets And Dust: Medify Air MA-40

best air purifier for pets and dust medify ma 40
Dust CADR Rating: 231 CFM
Particle CADR Rating: 235 CFM
Dust Filters: H13 or H14 HEPA
0.3 µm Efficiency: 99.995%
Coverage Area At 2 ACH: 896 Sq Ft
Max. Airflow: 896 Sq Ft
Noise Levels: 40.5-53.3 dB
Max. Wattage: Up To 68 Watts
Price: $$$$
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Medify Air MA-40 is the best affordable air purifier for cat hair, dog hair, and dust. It’s meant for 1-2 rooms (not whole-house like the big #3 Medify MA-112 unit), and is the best-selling air purifier for pets and dust.

The best thing is that all Medify units follow the pre-filter, H13 HEPA filter, activated carbon filter filtration system, and the MA-40 model is no exception. This is the tried-and-tested filtration system for removing dust and small pet dander. On top of that, you can also opt for the H14 HEPA filter version.

The key for pet hair – as with all units – is the fine enough pre-filter that captures every hair, thereby protecting the all-important H13 HEPA filter (essential for dust removal). On top of that, the activated carbon filter will take care of pet odor (adsorbing smells like wet dog odor or a cat doing its thing).

Specs-wise, we see that Medify MA-50 can achieve a 231 CFM dust CADR rating. For a $250-$300 unit, that’s incredible price-performance. That’s literally higher effectiveness than #4 Alen BreatheSmart 45i (which costs almost $500).

Due to this high effectiveness, it has an 896 sq ft coverage at 2 ACH (circulate all the air 2 times every hour in a 896 sq ft, 8 ft ceiling area).

The only drawback is a higher minimum noise level of 40.5 dB. Many air purifiers can operate at about 30 dB at the lowest fan speed setting. Nonetheless, most people run air purifiers on higher fan speed setting. With top decibel levels of 53.3 dB, the MA-40 is running very quietly at high speeds/efficiencies.

All in all, Medify MA-40 is an air purifier most people get when they want to deal with dust and pet hair. It’s very affordable, it has the top-notch effectiveness (99.995% removal with H14 filters), and it’s made by Medify – a brand known for making reliable and capable air purifiers:

Medify MA-40 Review

  • Superb filtration system (with H13 HEPA filters and substantial carbon filter)
  • Can achieve a CADR rating of 200+ CFM while costing less than $300
  • Fine enough pre-filter to filter out all dog and cat hair
  • Very high coverage (up to 896 sq ft) due to top-notch 99.995% efficiency
  • Made by Medify; they are one of the best and most reliable air purifier brands
  • Above-average replacement filter cost for H14 HEPA model (H14 filters are costlier than H13 or H10-12 filters)
  • A bit higher minimum noise levels of 40.5 dB

2. Top-Rated H14 Air Purifier For Pet Hair, Dust: PuroAir 240 H14

cheapest h14 air purifier for pets and dog hair puroair 240
Dust CADR Rating: 240 CFM
Particle CADR: 240 CFM
Dust Filters: H14 HEPA
0.3 µm Efficiency: 99.995%
Coverage Area At 2 ACH: 499 Sq Ft
Max. Airflow: 240 CFM
Noise Levels: 22-55.2 dB
Max. Wattage: Up To 46 Watts
Price: $$$$
Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

PuroAir 240 H14 is a remarkable air purifier to catch pet hair and dust. It has the industry-leading H14 HEPA filters allowing it to achieve incredible specs. The wonderful thing is that it costs less than $250; due to affordable pricing, it is the fastest-selling air purifier for pets.

With a 240 CADR rating, you will leave all the pet hair in the dust! Oh, and that dust will be taken care of quickly as well, obviously.

The heart of PuroAir 240 is the H14 HEPA filter. Only a handful of air purifiers (most cost $500+) have a H14 HEPA filter capable of capturing a minimum of 99.995% of 0.3 micron-sized air particles. Basically, all cat and dog hair will be captured, and less than 0.005% of the smallest dust particles will go through.

The drawback of these higher-level HEPA filters is airflow restriction. That’s why the coverage of PuroAir 240 is limited to 499 sq ft (at 2 ACH). If your cat or dog stays in 1 or 2 rooms, that’s not a problem; if the fluffy beast runs all around the house, you might have to buy 2 of them (luckily, PuroAir is aware of this and offers a 2-pack deal).

They literally sell over 10,000 units per month. That makes the PuroAir 240 air purifier the fastest-selling air purifier (it can go out of stock quite quickly). If you have a cat or a dog, you should definitely grab one (or just get the 2-pack deal):

PuroAir 240 Review

  • H14 HEPA filter for a below $250 air purifier? Nice!
  • Top-notch 99.995% efficiency (who doesn’t love H14 filters)
  • Comparatevily high CADR rating
  • Fastest-selling air purifier (they sell 10,000+ units every month)
  • 499 Sq Ft coverage doesn’t include all house (they have 2-pack deal for whole-house air filtration)
  • Can go out of stock quite often

3. Best Air Purifier For Large Rooms (Even Houses): Medify Air MA-112

Overall Absolute Best Air Purifier For Dust Removal: Medify MA-112
Dust CADR: 594 CFM
Particle CADR: 598 CFM
Dust Filters: H13 or H14 HEPA
0.3 µm Efficiency: 99.995%
Coverage Area At 2 ACH: 2228 Sq Ft
Max. Airflow: 594 CFM
Noise Levels: 35.8-56.5 dB
Max. Wattage: 120 Watts
Price: $$$$
Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

Medify Air MA-112 air purifier is a big (yet super quiet) air purifier that can handle a lot of dust, and a lot of pet hair. 2-3 cats? And a dog? Other units might have a problem. The Medify MA-112, however, has a combination of 2 elements that make it superior to other air purifiers (especially as a cat fur air purifier), namely:

  • Superb filtration system. Robust pre-filter (needed for pet hair capturing, and to protect to all-important HEPA filter), True HEPA H13 filter (a must for dust removal), and thick active carbon filter (for that cat smell, wet dog odor removal).
  • Powerful fan. We need to ensure that we remove all the dust and all the pet hair. To achieve this, the MA-112 fan produces up to 600 CFM airflow.

In our fog box testing, it cleared an entire box in 11.6 seconds (from 100% saturation to below 0.1% saturation, measured by particulate beam). For reference, the average clearance time is 83.4 seconds (more than 1 minute).

Here is why Medify Air MA-112 excels at air purification:

First of all, MA-112 has a 594 CFM dust CADR rating. That is way above the average of about 180 CFM most standard units have. In fact, the Medify MA-112 has an overall particle CADR rating of 598 CFM. That means that the dust CADR rating is above the overall particle CADR rating which tells you one thing: This unit is specifically designed to remove dust. Here are all 3 particle ratings:

  • Smoke CADR: 594 CFM.
  • Pollen CADR: 459 CFM.
  • Dust CADR: 594 CFM.
medify ma 112 filtration system
Filtration systems with dual air intake are essentially the only way to skyrocket CADR rating above 500 CFM.

If you have read the section where we discussed the specs, you know exactly why Medify MA-112 is so good at capturing dust particulates:

It’s the H14 HEPA filter. In fact, you can choose H13 or H14 HEPA filters, but we all know that H14 HEPA filters are the best dust filters. They can capture all the bigger dust particles, standard dust particles, and up to 99.99% of the smallest 0.1-micron in diameter particles. This is an unparallel level of small dust particle removal.

On top of that, these H14 filters can last for 3,000 running hours. That means you can use it non-stop 24/7 for more than 4 months. If you use the air purifier for 8 hours per day, the HEPA H14 filter will last for more than 1 year.

The Medify MA-112 fan can generate a maximum airflow of 594 CFM (Speed 4), running at 120W max. wattage. There is no other H14 HEPA filter that could operate 100% output, producing 500+ CFM airflow, and consume less than 0.1 kWh of electricity per hour. With such airflow, it has a coverage area of 2 ACH (changes the air in the room every 30 minutes) of 2228 sq ft.

The drawback? Medify MA-112 IF you can afford it. It is the best-in-industry air purifier in general, but it does cost $500. If you check the specs, the price is quite fair, but some people can get a bit frightened by the price tag.

All in all, Medify MA-112 is the perfect air purifier for dust and pet dander. It has the new-age ultra-fine H14 HEPA filters, absurdly high 594 dust CADR rating, long-lasting filters, it’s energy-efficient and is specifically designed to remove dust particulates extra fast, but it’s expensive:

Medify MA-112 Review

  • Perfect specs for dust air purifier (exceptionally high 594 dust CADR rating)
  • Effective pre-filters capturing pet hair and protecting the HEPA filter
  • One of handful of air purifiers on the market with TRUE H14 HEPA filters (finest 99.99% capturing dust filters for down to 0.1 microns)
  • High coverage (2288 sq ft at 2 ACH), high airflow, while still being energy efficiency (120W max. wattage)
  • Made by Medify; arguably the best and most reliable medical-grade H13 and H14 air purifier brand
  • Only 1 con: $500 price. If you can afford that, you will have the cleanest medical-grade air possible.

4. Dust And Pets Air Purifier For Bedroom: Alen BreatheSmart 45i

best air purifier for cats and dogs for bedrooms
Dust CADR Rating: 245 CFM
Particle CADR: 245 CFM
Dust Filters: H13 HEPA
0.3 µm Efficiency: 99.95%
Coverage Area At 2 ACH: 800 Sq Ft
Max. Airflow: 245 CFM
Noise Levels: 23-49 dB
Max. Wattage: 50 Watts
Price: $$$$
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Now, a lot of people sleep with pets—a dog sleeping on their legs or a cat just walking all over them when they wake up. Since we sleep 7-8 hours, the bedroom is where we spend most of our time, and breathing in dust or pet dander is a no-no.

The key for all bedroom air purifiers is silence (especially if you have problems falling asleep). That means low decibel ratings.

Alen BreatheSmart 45i is one of a few air purifiers capable of operating at below 50 dB noise levels even at 100% running speed. On top of that, it has an exceptionally high CADR rating and the highest noise performance of all air purifiers on the market.

Alen BreatheSmart series is quite legendary as the first air purifier series tested (by SleepScore Labs) on how well air purifiers improve sleeping. The combination of breathing very clean air (thanks to H13 HEPA filters) and the must-have requisite of low noise levels showed that ‘participants reported falling asleep faster and felt more rested the next day’.

At the lowest fan speed setting, Alen BreatheSmart 45i produces only 23 dB of noise (running on 1.5W input). As we have explained, the highest noise level specs are more important: When running at full speed, this air purifier will produce only 49 dB of noise output (running on 50W input). That makes it one of the quietest air purifiers.

The best thing about Alen BreatheSmart 45i, besides the whisper-quiet operation, is the very high 245 CFM CADR rating. That means it can produce 5 CFM of clean air delivery rate (CADR) per every decibel point. This means that the Alen BreatheSmart 45i has the best compromise between performance and noise levels.

Due to its high CADR rating, Alen BreatheSmart 45i has a relatively high 800 sq ft coverage area at 5 ACH. Needless to say (you’ve seen the wattage), it has a very low running cost. With 50W producing 245 CFM CADR rating it even has the Energy Star label.

All these quiet air purifiers tend to be more expensive; this is the case with Alen as well. The filters also have an above-average price because they are H13 HEPA filters that are much more effective than standard HEPA filters (those are, of course, cheaper).

In short, your ears will be soothed by the incredibly low noise levels Alen BreatheSmart 45i produces. With such a high CADR rating (and best in industry noise performance), you can run it on low or medium setting, thereby reducing the noise levels even further:

Alen BreatheSmart 45i Review

  • Best noise-performance rating (5 CFM/dB)
  • Fairly high 245 CADR rating with H13 HEPA filters (99.97% reduction of 0.1 micron air particulates)
  • TRUE H13 HEPA filters will take care of dust and pet hair quite easily
  • Supported by SleepScore Labs study for better sleeping
  • Very energy efficient (Energy Star label)
  • Silence is expensive. Having such a capable air purifier in a bedroom can cost quite a lot, but there are no alternatives as far as quiet operation is concerned
  • A lot of times you will find it out of stock (because most people want an air purifier they can comfortably sleep with)

5. Turonic PH950 Air Purifier And Humidifier Combo

Turonic PH950 air purifier
Dust CADR Rating: 330 CFM
Particle CADR: 320 CFM
Dust Filters: H13 HEPA
Dust Removal: 99.7% Particles Down To 0.1 Microns
Coverage Area At 5 ACH: 420 Sq Ft
Max. Airflow: 330 CFM
Fan Speeds: 8 Speeds
Max. Wattage: Up To 95 Watts
Price: $$$$
Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars

Turonic PH950 is not an air purifier only; rather it is an air purifier and humidifier all-in-one device. The filtration system with H13 is well-capable in removing dust, the pre-filters capture pet hair, and the extra humidification function is an extra bonus (especially if you have dry air).

You can see that it has 8 fan speed settings – more than almost any other air purifier on the market – allowing you to finely tune it’s effectiveness as needed. Namely, when you see dust particles or your cat has just done it’s deed, you notch it up to speed 8, and you get 330 CFM CADR rating working on purifying air very quickly.

After that, you can just notch it down to speed 3 or 4, gathering dust and pet hair at a slower rate (no overkill).

Due to the extra humidification function and durable materials used, Turonic PH950 can cost about $400. That’s not the cheapest air purifier on the market, but the effectiveness (300+ CADR rating) makes the price seem a bit more reasonable. The higher speed settings (6, 7, 8) can also produce more than 50 dB of noise; you will need to run it on lower speeds when you go to sleep.

All in all, Turonic PH950 is the best air purifier and humidifier combo unit. Even if we just look at the purification side, it can deal with all types of pet hair and can filter out more than 99.7% of dust particles:

Turonic PH950 Review

  • Has an extra humidification function (great for fighting dry air)
  • 8 speed settings for fine-tuning
  • Has the H13 HEPA filter and 300+ CFM combo we want to see in every dust and pet unit
  • If you don’t have dry air, the extra humidification function just needlessly increases the price
  • Higher speed settings (6, 7, 8) run at 50+ dB noise levels
  • Turonic is not as reliable as tried-and-tested Medify or Alen units

6. Budget Pick: PURO²XYGEN P500i

PURO² XYGEN P500i air purifier
Dust CADR Rating: 180 CFM
Particle CADR: 190 CFM
Dust Filters: True HEPA
Dust Removal: 99% Particles Down To 0.3 Microns
Coverage Area At 5 ACH: 110 Sq Ft
Max. Airflow: 190 CFM
Fan Speeds: 4 Speeds
Max. Wattage: Up To 55 Watts
Price: $$$$
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

PURO²XYGEN P500i is the budget version. The key point – despite costing less than $200 – it is reliable. However, it does have a low 110 sq ft coverage (for a small room). Not exactly meant for big dogs or fluffy cats or dusty homes.

If you check the specs, they are quite average. 180 CFM CADR rating, only True HEPA filters (not H13 or H14), and a small coverage area.

Nonetheless, if you are on a budget and would like a reliable unit, the PURO²XYGEN P500i is still a reasonable choice:

PURO² XYGEN P500i Review

  • Very budget friendly (below $200 price tag)
  • Average specs but it’s reliable (counts for a lot in our book)
  • Only meant for small dusty rooms and small dogs, less fluffy cats
  • Well, average specs are nothing to be proud of
  • It is a bit of a no-name brand

7. Cheapest Unit: Morento HY4866

Morento HY4866 air cleaner
Dust CADR Rating: 177 CFM
Particle CADR: 177 CFM
Dust Filters: True HEPA
Dust Removal: 99% Particles Down To 0.3 Microns
Coverage Area At 5 ACH: 215 Sq Ft
Max. Airflow: 177 CFM
Fan Speeds: 4 Speeds
Max. Wattage: Up To 45 Watts
Price: $$$$
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Now, a lot of people ask us about these $100 air purifiers. Usually, the problem here is reliability (as well as, obviously, bad specs). Most of these units break down within a year and the only thing they are good for after that is gathering dust (the opposite of what air purifiers should be used for).

Out of these $100 units, Morento HY4866 at least seems to have some reliability. It doesn’t have H13 HEPA filters, low noise levels, or even a 200 CADR rating, but some reliability is better than nothing.

We would recommend this pick only to students buying on a tight budget, for example, with just a normal cat or a small dog (a Siberian cat would fill up the pre-filter very quickly):

Morento HY4866 Review

  • Somewhat reliable for $100
  • For people on very tight budget (say college students)
  • Very low effectiveness (below 200 CADR rating)
  • Not appropriate for big dogs, fluffy cats
  • “Somewhat” reliable means it maybe won’t break down within the 1st year as $100 units but it will not operate for 5 years, obviously

All in all, we hope that you now have a good overview of the best air purifiers for dust and pets. It’s quite important to look at the dust CADR specs and filtration systems, and get a reliable unit.

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