Natural Gas BCF To MMBTU Calculator + MMBTU To BCF Calculator

BCF is one of the biggest units we use for the volume (mostly for natural gas). We can convert BCF or Billion Cubic Feet to MMBTU and MMBTU to BCF but, just a fair warning, BCF is more than a million times bigger unit than MMBTU. After all, we measure our national reserves in BCF while MMBTU of heat content is a unit that can be used by households.

To help you navigate this conversion, we have prepared these 3 key resources both for BCF to MMBTU as well as MMBTU to BCF conversion:

  1. Formulas converting BCF to MMBTU (1st formula) and MMBTU to BCF (2nd formula).
  2. BCF To MMBTU Calculator (1st calculator; input BCF, get MMBTU) and MMBTU To BCF Calculator (2nd calculator; input MMBTU, get BCT).
  3. Conversion charts converting 0.1 BCF to 10,000 BCF of natural gas to MMBTU (1st chart) and converting 1 MMBTU to 100,000,000,000 MMBTU to BCF (2nd chart).

As we can already see, the numbers here will be quite big since BCF is a 1,000,000 times larger unit than MMBTU.

converting bcf to mmbtu for gas furnace
A 100,000 BTU furnace will produce 1 MMBTU of heating output if we run it for 10 hours at 100% output. For comparison, the same furnace would be burning 1 BCF of natural gas for more than 10 million hours (10,370,000 hours, to be exact). Basically, it would have to run for 1184 years non-stop to burn 1 BCF of natural gas, producing 1,037,000 MMBTU of heating output.

Let’s first get fully acquainted with the two metrics that we are converting:

  • BCF stands for Billion Cubic Feet or 1,000,000,000 Cubic Feet. We measure our national gas storage capacity (total volume) in BCF. Example: On 28th November 2022, we had 3,501 BCF of working gas in underground storage, according to EIA.
  • MMBTU stands for Metric Million British Thermal Unit. This is quite a big unit of heat content equal to 1,000,000 BTU (million BTU). Running a 100,000 BTU gas furnace at 100% output for 10 hours will, for example, produce 1 MMBTU of heating output.

Here is the vital metric that we will use to convert BCF to MMBTU and MMBTU to BCF:

“1 cubic foot of natural gas contains 1037 BTU of heat content.”

Now, that means that BCF (or 1,000,000,000 cubic feet of natural gas) contains 1,037,000,000,000 BTU. That’s 1037 trillion BTU (incredibly high numbers). Since MMBTU is equal to 1,000,000 BTU, we have this two relationships between BCF and MMBTU:

  • 1 BCF of natural gas is equal to 1,037,000 MMBTU of heat content. That means that BCF is a bit more than a million MMBTU.
  • 1 MMBTU is equal to 0.0000009643 BCF of natural gas.

To convert BFC to MMBTU, we use this formula:

MMBTU = BFC × 1,037,000

Example: How many MMBTU is 10 BFC of natural gas? Just insert that 10 BFC in the equation like this:

MMBTU (10 BFC) = 10 BFC × 1,037,000 = 10,370,000 MMBTU

This means that 10 BFC is equal to 10,370,000 MMBTU.

Now, if you want to do the reverse – convert MMBTU to BFC of natural gas – we use this formula:

BFC = MMBTU / 1,037,000

Let’s say that we want to convert 5000 MMBTU to BFC. Insert the 50,000 MMBTU in the equation like this:

BFC (50,000 MMBTU) = 50,000 MMBTU / 1,037,000 =  0.04821 BFC

As we can see, 50,000 MMBTU – an enormous amount of heat content – is still less than 0.05 BFC (0.04821 BFC, to be exact).

It’s really hard to make these conversions by hand since the unit difference is so enormous.

That’s why we designed simple-to-use conversion calculators (1st calculator for BCF to MMBTU conversion, 2nd calculator for MMBTU to BCF conversion). Below each of the calculators, you will also find a chart with calculated BCF to MMBTU and MMBTU to BCF results. Here are both calculators and charts:

Note: If you have any help with the conversion, you can use the comment section below, give us some numbers, and we will help you out.

BCF To MMBTU Calculator For Natural Gas (1st Calc)

In this 1st calculator, you just insert BCF of natural gas, and the calculator will automatically convert them to MMBTU:


Here’s a quick example of how this calculator works:

Let’s say we want to convert 150 BCF to MMBTU. Just slide the slider to ‘150’ and you get the result: 150 BCF is equal to 155,550,000 MMBTU.

Here is the full chart with BCF to MMBTU conversions from 0.1 BCF to 10,000 BCF (converted to MMBTU):

BCF To MMBTU Conversion Chart

BCF Of Natural Gas: MMBTU (Heat Content):
0.1 BCF Of Natural Gas 103,700 MMBTU
0.5 BCF Of Natural Gas 518,500 MMBTU
1 BCF Of Natural Gas 1,037,000 MMBTU
5 BCF Of Natural Gas 5,185,000 MMBTU
10 BCF Of Natural Gas 10,370,000 MMBTU
20 BCF Of Natural Gas 20,740,000 MMBTU
30 BCF Of Natural Gas 31,110,000 MMBTU
40 BCF Of Natural Gas 41,480,000 MMBTU
50 BCF Of Natural Gas 51,850,000 MMBTU
60 BCF Of Natural Gas 62,220,000 MMBTU
70 BCF Of Natural Gas 72,590,000 MMBTU
80 BCF Of Natural Gas 82,960,000 MMBTU
90 BCF Of Natural Gas 93,330,000 MMBTU
100 BCF Of Natural Gas 103,700,000 MMBTU
150 BCF Of Natural Gas 155,550,000 MMBTU
200 BCF Of Natural Gas 207,400,000 MMBTU
250 BCF Of Natural Gas 259,250,000 MMBTU
300 BCF Of Natural Gas 311,100,000 MMBTU
350 BCF Of Natural Gas 362,950,000 MMBTU
400 BCF Of Natural Gas 414,800,000 MMBTU
450 BCF Of Natural Gas 466,650,000 MMBTU
500 BCF Of Natural Gas 518,500,000 MMBTU
600 BCF Of Natural Gas 622,200,000 MMBTU
700 BCF Of Natural Gas 725,900,000 MMBTU
800 BCF Of Natural Gas 829,600,000 MMBTU
900 BCF Of Natural Gas 933,300,000 MMBTU
1000 BCF Of Natural Gas 1,037,000,000 MMBTU
10,000 BCF Of Natural Gas 10,370,000,000 MMBTU

If you need to know, for example, how many MMBTU is 500 BFC of natural gas, you can just read it off this chart:

500 BFC is equal to 518,500,000 MMBTU. That’s more than half a billion MMBTU.

Here is the 2nd calculator and chart that do this in reverse – they convert MMBTU to BFC:

MMBTU To BCF Calculator (2nd Calc)

Alright, here you just insert MMBTU and you will get BCF:


Let’s say you want to know how many BCT of natural gas we need for 10,000,000 MMBTU. Slide it to ‘10,000,000’ and you can see that 10 million MMBTU is equal to 9.6432 BCT of natural gas.

Here is the accompanying conversion chart:

MMBTU To BCF Conversion Chart

MMBTU (Heat Content): BCT Of Natural Gas:
1 MMBTU 0.000000964 BCT Of Natural Gas
1000 MMBTU 0.000964 BCT Of Natural Gas
10,000 MMBTU 0.00964 BCT Of Natural Gas
100,000 MMBTU 0.0964 BCT Of Natural Gas
1,000,000 MMBTU 0.9643 BCT Of Natural Gas
2,000,000 MMBTU 1.9286 BCT Of Natural Gas
3,000,000 MMBTU 2.8930 BCT Of Natural Gas
4,000,000 MMBTU 3.8573 BCT Of Natural Gas
5,000,000 MMBTU 4.8216 BCT Of Natural Gas
6,000,000 MMBTU 5.7859 BCT Of Natural Gas
7,000,000 MMBTU 6.7502 BCT Of Natural Gas
8,000,000 MMBTU 7.7146 BCT Of Natural Gas
9,000,000 MMBTU 8.6789 BCT Of Natural Gas
10,000,000 MMBTU 9.6432 BCT Of Natural Gas
20,000,000 MMBTU 19.2864 BCT Of Natural Gas
30,000,000 MMBTU 28.9296 BCT Of Natural Gas
40,000,000 MMBTU 38.5728 BCT Of Natural Gas
50,000,000 MMBTU 48.2160 BCT Of Natural Gas
60,000,000 MMBTU 57.8592 BCT Of Natural Gas
70,000,000 MMBTU 67.5024 BCT Of Natural Gas
80,000,000 MMBTU 77.1456 BCT Of Natural Gas
90,000,000 MMBTU 86.7888 BCT Of Natural Gas
100,000,000 MMBTU 96.432 BCT Of Natural Gas
200,000,000 MMBTU 192.86 BCT Of Natural Gas
500,000,000 MMBTU 482.16 BCT Of Natural Gas
1,000,000,000 MMBTU 964.32 BCT Of Natural Gas
10,000,000,000 MMBTU 9643.2 BCT Of Natural Gas
100,000,000,000 MMBTU 96432 BCT Of Natural Gas

Ever wondered how many BCT is needed to produce 1 billion MMBTU? Well, now you can just read it off the chart:

1,000,000,000 MMBTU is equal to 964.32 BCT of natural gas.

With these two calculators and charts, you will now be able to quite easily convert BCT to MMBTU and MMBTU to BCT. If you need any help, just use the comment section below, give us some numbers, and we will help you out with the conversion.

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