Airdog X5 Air Purifier Review: Washable Filters! (+Specs)

 Silicon Valley guys are always trying to improve stuff by solving problems.

To properly review the Airdog X5 air purifier, it’s useful to understand how this ‘Most Innovative Air Purifier in 2020’ was invented.

The problem Califonia’s Airdog X5 team wanted to improve upon was this:

People love their air purifiers. But they have to pay for new HEPA filters every 6-12 months. These ongoing expenses could amount to $100/year or more, and dumped HEPA filters incur an environmental cost as well; it’s wasteful.

Airdog X5 team asked, “Is it possible to cut out those HEPA filters? That would literally save you $100 every year”. This is how we got to the best no filter replacement air purifier in Airdog X5.

Airdog X5 Review
In this assessment of Airdog X5, we will answer if the Airdog X5 really lives up to the big hype. We’ll look at all the specifications – from CADR rating to noise levels and the unit price – to properly review the Airdog X5 air purifier.


You can find the LM rating of the Airdog air purifier in the end (you can fast-forward to it here). But first, it’s important to understand why Airdog presents such a revolution in the air purifier industry.

You can also check out the Airdog X5 official store.

HEPA filters are a standard in air purification. They are designed to capture more than 99.97% of air contaminants such as pollen, dust, mold, smoke particles, etc., that are 0.3 microns in size. But they are not permanent, nor can you wash and reuse them.

It gets even worse:

They cost quite a bit as well. Yes, you can buy good air purifiers for $200, but you will have to replace HEPA and other filters 1-2 times a year, costing you an additional $100 every year. In 10 years, that $200 air purifier’s actual cost is closer to $1,200.

Airdog X5 team knew that if they could substitute HEPA filters, they would be looking at a no-waste no-maintenance air purifier. Something like this:

air purifier filters that can be washed and dried

Is it possible to use permanent or at least washable filters with the same air purification capability as HEPA filters?

It is, with the help of new technology.

Airdog’s Revolutionary ‘Ionic Wind’ Based Filtration System

Airdog team turned to Ionic Wind technology, the one piece of new tech that MIT Technology Review included in their yearly ‘The 10 most intriguing inventions of 2018’ review.

Alongside the Ionic Wind tech, you can find artificial synapses, DNA computing, and quantum communications via satellite. In short, Ionic Wind tech is quite a revolutionary technology.

What actually is Ionic Wind? Here’s how MIT Technology Review puts it when applied to electroaerodynamic propulsion:

A high-voltage electric field generates ions and accelerates them, creating an “ionic wind” that pushes the plane forward. (MIT Technological Review, ‘The 10 Most Intriguing Inventions Of 2018)

Basically, Ionic Wind is composed of ions, made by and accelerated by a powerful electric field. To use this new tech in something as small as the Airdog X5 air purifier, the improved upon the classic Ionic Wind.

The result:

Airdog’s patented TPA technology. The Silicon Valley company says this new tech is ‘tested as the most effective clean air solution on the market’.

airdog x5 filtration system with prefilter, wire frame, ionic filter, collecting plate, and catalyst filter
Airdog’s revolutionary 5-stage filtration system. It includes TPA tech-based Ionic Field (Step 3), which uses charged ions to destroy bacteria and germs.

TPA technology is actually quite amazing. HEPA filters can remove particles that are 0.3 microns in size. TPA-based filters Airdog X5 uses can eliminate particles that are down to 0.0146 microns in size.

In short, TPA technology can capture even those tiny particles that might cause allergic reactions, such as asthma. The ones that escape even HEPA filters, that is.

Here are the full Airdog X5 specifications and the explanation of the 5-stage TPA filtration:

Airdog X5 Review (+Specifications)

review of airdog x5 air purifier based on cadr rating, airflow, noise levels, and price
Coverage Area: 400 sq ft
Air Changes Per Hour: 3
Filters: 5-Stage Filtration With Ionic Wind TPA Filter
CADR Rating: 200 at 2.5 PM
Noise Levels: 22-63 dB
Dimensions: 22.5 x 10.7 x 10.7 inches
Weight: 22.5 lbs
Power: 100-240V; 50-60Hz

Filtration System: How Does Airdog 5-Stage TPA Filtration Works?

As we have seen, Airdog uses a revolutionary filtration system, based on Ionic Wind and TPA technology.

The Ionic Field filter, however, is not the only filter Airdog X5 uses. To increase indoor air quality, Airdog x5 pushes air and air pollutants through a 5-stage filtration system. Here are all 5 filters:

  1. Pre-filter. Collects larger particles that would otherwise overwhelm the sophisticated Ionic Field filter. Example: Hair, pet dandler, even larger pollen.
  2. Wire Frame charger. For TPA tech to work, the incoming air pollutants need to be charged. Wire Frame is basically a strong electric field that charges small particles of dust, smoke, mold, bacteria, viruses, and turns them into ions.
  3. Ionic Field filter. This is the core of Airdog and the heart of the X5 air purifiers. The charged incoming air pollutants are effectively destroyed with the implementation of TPA tech. It also destroys the very tiny 0.0146-micron particles that HEPA filters are unable to stop.
  4. Collecting Plate. Collects the remnants of destroyed air pollutants.
  5. Catalyst Filter. Removes gaseous air contaminants, such as unpleasant odors and cigarette smoke.

The best part of this filtration system is this:

air purifier filters that can be washed and dried
Metal collecting plates (Step 4) can easily be washed with soap and warm water and reused—no need for replacement filters.

The Ionic Field filter is permanent. The only thing that needs to be washed are the metal collecting plates; and you can easily wash them with warm water and soap.

How is that different from HEPA filters:

You have to replace HEPA filters up to 2x per year. The average cost of a HEPA filter is about $50. Not is HEPA filter not as thorough at removing the smallest dust particles as Ionic Field filter – there is also a maintenance cost difference:

HEPA filters: About $100/year for 2 replacements.

Airdog filter: Exactly 0$ without the need to replace filters.

Coverage Area, ACH, And CADR Rating

Airdog X5 air purifier is built for medium-sized rooms. The recommended coverage area is 400 sq ft; that includes ACH 3 in the calculation.

Plainly speaking, that means that if you put the Airdog air purifier in a 400 sq ft room, it will completely change (and purify) the air every 20 minutes. Hence the 3 air changes per hour.

Of course, the key part here is the CADR rating of Airdog X5. CADR rating indicates how well does an air purifier actually removes air pollutants.

X5 scores 200 on the 2.5 PM CADR rating. 2.5 PM are, according to EPA, defined as;

“Fine inhalable particles, with diameters that are generally 2.5 micrometers and smaller.” (EPA)

It’s no wonder that Airdog X5 is so remarkable at removing even the tiniest particles. The Ionic Wind based technology can effectively remove particles that are up to 20x smaller than the particles standard HEPA filters can capture.

On top of that, you even get an Airdog app that gives you insight into how polluted (or not) your indoor air is:

airdog measures indoor air quality
Airdog X5 measures indoor air quality (IAQ); you can use the Airdog app to see what your IAQ is.

Noise Levels

Of all the air purifiers we have reviewed at LearnMetrics, the Airdog X5 has the broadest noise level range.

The lowest fan speed setting will generate only 22 dB noise levels; a record-breaking low number.

On the other hand, however, the highest fan speed setting will produce up to 63 dB noise levels. That’s not a record-breaking high, but it is quite high for an air purifier.

To mediate the concerns about the noisy Airdog air purifier, X5 has 6 different speed settings. Only in the events of an intense increase in the concentration of airborne pollutants (when wildfires are raging in the summer, for example), you should run it at its maximum speed (63 dB).

In all other situations, you can safely lower the fan speed setting and enjoy a quiet Airdog air purifier. During the night, you can easily run it on Speed 1 at 22 dB. That’s quieter than a cat purring.

Price Of Airdog X5

Airdog X5 isn’t cheap. But the whole point of designing Airdog air purifiers is that they were supposed to be much cheaper. What gives here?

Well, both are true. Airdog X5 costs about $600. That’s still less than Molekule Air ($800) or the best Alen BreatheSmart air purifiers ($750). But other lesser-known brands such as Hathaspace and Okaysou offer air purifiers that cost about $200.

The comparison of Airdog X5 vs Molekule is fascinating. Both rely on new tech filters instead of customary HEPA filters. Both Airdog and Molekule have a higher price point due to this new technology; Molekule’s price point is higher, however. And, after all, Airdog X5, as well as Molekule, enjoy quite a hype.

All those air purifiers require filter replacement, however. This incurs a continuous cost of about $100 per year.

Looking from a long-term perspective, the $600 Airdog X5 is cheaper than the $200 HEPA air purifier.

Here’s how this math works out in Airdog X5 favor:

Year 0: You spend $600 on Airdog, and $200 on the cheaper HEPA air purifier. Seems like you just saved $400 by choosing the cheap unit, right? Well, seems like.

Year 5: You had to change 10 HEPA filters (each $50) and 10 pre-filters (each $20) on the cheaper air purifier. $200 initial cost + 10 x $50 + 10 x $20 = $900 for a ‘cheaper’ device. Airdog X5 works just fine with no requirement to change filters; the cost is still $600.

It’s apparent that the new Airdog air purifier might be expensive at first. However, if you look at all the expensive few years down the line, Airdog X5 is likely the most budget-friendly long-term air purifier.

Overall Verdict (Amazing, Cost-Saving, No-Waste Air Purifier)

Overall rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

Airdog X5 Air Purifier Review

  • Revolutionary 5-stage filtration system, based on one of the most innovative techs (according to MIT TR)
  • With 6.6 lbs, it’s very lightweight and thus the most portable Okaysou air purifier
  • Removes up to 20x smaller air pollutants than HEPA air purifiers
  • No filter replacement needed; can save you up to $1000 during its lifetime
  • Zero-waste air purifier (doesn’t incur environmental costs with dumped HEPA filters)
  • Will fit most rooms up to 400 sq ft; with 200 CADR rating (2.5 PM)
  • Exceptionally positive customer reviews; the ultimate sign of a great air purifier
  • Has a higher initial cost (about $600); you will save about $100 every year because you don’t need to replace filters
  • Highest fan speed setting can be quite loud (up to 63 dB)

All in all, Airdog x5 is one of the best air purifiers you can buy. It certainly is the most innovative air purifier in 2020.

These new tech air purifiers can be overhyped or overpriced; our Airdog review has shown that X5 is neither. It’s actually quite a fantastic device, and we’ll certainly see more Ionic Wind tech implementation in the future.

You can’t get better than ‘no filter replacement needed’; you save your wallet as well as the environment.

Airdog X5 is also one of the best air purifiers, based on specs.

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