1500 Watts To Amps: How Many Amps Is 1500 Watts? (Calculator)

1500 watts to amps is a straightforward conversion. If you need to know how many amps is a 1500-watt heater, for example, you just need to divide 1500 watts by voltage (usually 120V).

We at LearnMetrics have prepared an easy-to-use 1500 watts to amps calculator you can freely use. Just slide the voltage to the voltage you are using (6V, 12V, 110V, 120V, 220V, 240V, etc.), and the calculator will automatically convert 1500 watts to amps:

Quick example of how this converter works: Let’s say you want to find out how many amps is 1500 watts at 120 volts. Just slide the voltage slider to ‘120‘, and you get the result:

1500 watts at 120 volts is 12.5 amps. Here is the screenshot from the converter:

1500 watts to amps at 120 volts
Example of how to convert 1500 watts to amps at 120V using the calculator.

Similarly, you can calculate that:

  • 1500 watts at 6V is 250 amps.
  • 1500 watts at 12V is 125 amps.
  • 1500 watts at 24V is 62.5 amps.
  • 1500 watts at 48V is 31.25 amps.
  • 1500 watts at 110V is 13.64 amps.
  • 1500 watts at 115V is 13.04 amps.
  • 1500 watts at 130V is 11.54 amps.
  • 1500 watts at 208V is 7.21 amps.
  • 1500 watts at 220V is 6.82 amps.
  • 1500 watts at 230V is 6.52 amps.
  • 1500 watts at 240V is 6.25 amps.

Here is the simple process of how to convert 1500W to amps:

How To Convert 1500W To Amps Using Electric Power Formula

For every watts to amps conversion, we use this electric power formula:

I (Amps) = P (Watts) / V (Volts)

Basically, we get electric current (measured in amps) by dividing 1500W (electric power) by volts. Specifically, let’s say that your home outlet voltage is 110V. Here is how to calculate how many amps is 1500 W at 110V:

I (Amps) = 1500 Watts / 110 Volts = 13.64 Amps

Expert Tip: The majority of homeowners in the US have a 110-120V voltage. That means that any 1500W electric device (space heaters, smaller AC units, hair blowers). That means that the amp draw on these 1500W units is between 12.5 amps and 13.64 amps.

If you have a 15A amp breaker, you should not run a 1500W device continuously. This is because of the NEC 80% rule for amp breakers; 15A breakers can safely run only devices that draw 12 amp at a maximum (80% of 15A is 12A).

For all 1500 watt single-phase AC devices, you should use at least 20A amp breaker because they can handle up to 17 amps (80% rule for continuous electricity usage). With a 12.5 to 13.64 amp draw, the 1500W 110-120V units are well below the 17 amp limit of the 20A breaker.

Let’s answer some of the 1500 watts to amps questions we get (you can use the comment section below to ask any question about this as well):

How Many Amps Is 1500 Watts DC If I Use A Battery?

Batteries use DC current (in our homes, we usually have standard 1-phase AC current). Most of them have 12V voltage; you will also see batteries with 6V, 24V, and even 48V voltages.

Converting 1500 watts to amps on DC current is the same as the calculation about. You just divide 1500 watts DC by voltage.

Example: What is the amp draw for 1500W DC 12V LiFePO4 battery? Here is how you can calculate the 12V amperage for a 1500W device:

I (Amps) = 1500 Watts DC / 12 Volts = 125 Amps

Should I Run A 1500 Watt Device On A 15A Or 20A Amp Breaker?

As you can see in our expert tip, 1500W devices have an amp draw too high to run on a 15A breaker (at standard 110-120V voltage). You need to use at least a 20A amp breaker, or bigger.

How To Calculate 1500W Amps For 3-Phase Current?

Almost none of the 1500W devices run on a 3-phase AC current. Most devices that run on 3-phase current have 3000W+ of power.

Nonetheless, you can convert 1500 watts to amps on a 3-phase AC current by dividing the power (1500W) by both voltage and power factor (PF). Here is the equation:

3-Phase AC Current (Amps) = Power (Watts) / (Voltage (Volts) × PF)

Quick Example: Let’s say you have a 3-phase AC 1500W device running on 480V voltage with a power factor of 0.85. Let’s put all of this into the 3-phase AC current equation like this:

3-Phase AC Current (Amps) = 1500 Watts / (480 Volts × 0.85) = 3.68 Amps

You can see that, at these conditions, 1500W at 480 volts draws 3.68 amps.

In general, the higher the voltage you have, the lower will the 1500W amp draw be.

What If I Don’t Have A 1500 Watt Device?

If you need to convert any number of watts (100 watts, 500 watts, 1000 watts, 2000 watts, etc.) to amps, you can use this general watts to amps calculator. It’s easy to use, just insert wattage and voltage, and the calculator will output the amp draw automatically.

We hope this helps everybody who needs to make this conversion. If you have any question, you can use the comments below, give us some numbers, and we will solve your 1500 watts to amps problem.

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