Analysis And Specification-Based Comparison Of HVAC Systems

With a little help, every HVAC system can be boiled down to a number of metrics such as BTU, EER, maximum dry airflow, and so on. This is true for all HVAC systems: air conditioners, heaters, dehumidifiers, boilers, you name it. Everything that is built on the principles of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, and other macroscopic concepts can be measured pretty accurately.

In fact, education concerning the specifications should be in the focus every time we’re deciding to install a new Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning device. That’s the only way we can learn what are the capabilities of our hardware.

At LearnMetrics, we combine different analytical tools to analyze, aggregate, and compare different specifications – the raw data behind HVAC appliances. We bring all the messy data into focus and help you prioritize your time and focus on the best HVAC system currently on the market.

Here is LearnMetrics’s categorization of all the useful resources for HVAC enthusiasts:

Analysis Of The Best HVAC Devices

Based on the aggregated metrics we can learn from raw data, lists of the best HVAC devices of any kind can be made just by looking at pure numbers. We also include some insightful informational articles about specific heating, ventilation, and air conditioning devices. Here are some examples of the analysis-based lists and articles:

Air Conditioners


Heaters (Including Stoves And Tankless Water Heaters)

Air Purifiers To Improve Indoor Air Quality

Here are some free resources concerning air purifiers; including specs analysis, types of filter, ACH calculation, CADR rating, and so on.

Learn About HVAC Metrics And Specifications

We find it paramount for everybody who owns an HVAC device (well, we all do) to learn a thing or two about HVAC metrics. That’s why we feature key explanation articles about what, for example, SEER and BTU mean when comparing the best ductless mini split AC units.

At LearnMetrics we understand that people who are looking to learn and get an insight into specifications are from the US and also from other parts of the world. The difference in units here is important to grasp. That’s why we feature several converters from US imperial units to metrics systems.

For example, when choosing the best tankless water heaters, you have to determine the size. Size can be expressed in maximal hot water flow (GPM) for gas heaters or kW for electric heaters. In order to compare them, we have to use the same units.

Additionally, people looking to compare different air conditioners, dehumidifiers, or heaters often need a common unit-based system to make their job easier.

For example, EER, SEER, and COP are all metrics that denominate energy-efficiency HVAC devices such as portable air conditioners. They are interchangeable; that’s why we offer a calculator that can convert EER to SEER and COP and so on. Here are some examples:

HVAC Experts In Bigger Cities

We have received a number of requests to recommend local HVAC experts who can repair, install, or service different HVAC devices (from air conditioners to tankless heaters). That’s why we started a program where we try to recommend the most reliably HVAC companies and technicians in bigger cities.

For starters, we created a list of the best HVAC experts in Chicago (here). We hope to grow this program to include all the major cities in the US. That’s how we can effectively merge digital advice about HVAC devices and calculations with hands-on HVAC technicians who can adequately and promptly respond to your heating and cooling needs in the field.